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Country: United States
State: New York
ZIP: 10001
Salary: 70$
Posted date: 1/8/2009   all resumes
Contact Info: *********************@*****.***
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Resume Text:

Dayaker Reddy

Overall 10 years of IT experience, Six years as Sr. SAP BW/BI Consultant with 8 years of experience in SAP R/3 ABAP/4. Progressive growth in Technical experience has led from consultant roles to technical team lead. Successful SAP Consultant with a broad technical knowledge of SAP, including system landscape & architecture, security & authorizations.

Technical Skills

• Involved in four Full life cycle implementations.
• Developed two Dashboards on Procurement Top Sheet and on Project System status (PS Dashboard International) using WAD, JavaScript, and HTML.
• Involved in the two Upgrade projects from BW 3.1c to BI 7.0 (NW 2004s) and from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 (NW 2004s).
• Experience in constructing ETL process definitions, Systems Study, Gap Analysis, and Strong knowledge of ASAP Methodology.
• Extensive experience in Project scoping, Technical Specifications, Testing, Business Process Documentation, and Conducted training for end-users.
• Extensive experience and commendable knowledge on Data Modeling and extracting data from different modules of R/3, CRM, and legacy systems. (R/3 –SD, MM, PM, PS, HR, FI-GL and legacy systems).
• Designed and Customized InfoObjects, InfoSources, Created transfer structures, transfer rules, update rules, DTP, and Transformations, Routines for DSO, InfoCube. Performed extensive generic extractions for Fleet Management, Inventory, Procurement, Sales Order, Cost Center, and Profit Center master data tables.
• Designed and developed Complex reports using Bex Query Designer, Bex Analyzer, and published in Web Application Designer that are based on dynamic calculations depends on the input value.
• Extensive experience in loading huge volume of data (160 million) into BW. Developed load plans for huge volumes using Company Codes, GL Accounts, and number range combinations of R/3 logistics data.
• Extensive experience on SAP technical areas such as EDI, IDOC, BDC, Reports, Dialog Programs, BAPI functions, Function modules, Data Dictionary objects, user Exits, Table exits, Report writer and Report painter.
• Experience in the planning and simulation modules of BW BPS such as Sales Planning, Cost Center Planning, and Forecasting.
• Implemented Visual Basic Composer, WAD, Portal, Java Script, and HTML for PS Executive Dashboard.
• Expert in configuration Portal iView for BW Reports.
• Multi-tasked post-production support and development of new design cycles simultaneously.
• Experienced in Software, Manufacturing, Pharmacy, Retail, and Food Industry.
• Competent in BW authorization in roles, and authorization-relevant characteristics.
• Good team player with excellent technical and interpersonal skills

Education Qualification:
MCA (Master In Computer Applications), INDIA.
MS (Computing Science), IRELAND.


Boston Scientific, MA Feb’ 08 to Till Date
Sr. SAP BI Consultant
• Data modeled for G/L line Item Data to get the account balances and transaction figures, which are key data elements for the ‘Indirect Vendor Spend Project’.
• Developed a BW data mart for vendor’s information, which includes all operating expenses transacted from 2 Legacy R/3 systems (BSC SAP R/3 and Guidant SAP R/3).
• Designed two data models for G/L line item, one data flow for standard objects other data flow for custom objects and integrated into BW system. Activated and created the business content objects and custom objects.
• Applied ABAP code to restrict confidential “Guidant” Company Codes, GL Accounts, Vendor numbers, Cost Centers and Chart of Accounts in the standard master and transactional datasources.
• Resolved the 0Vendor Master data (Kanji Language) issue that is coming from Unicode R/3 System into BW Non-Unicode system using each data record deletion from the PSA.
• Defined the currency manually in the BI system that is coming from two different R/3 source systems.
• Developed custom delta extractor for Order Number.
• Developed reports on Profit and Loss account, Income statement and Balance Sheet. Created Variable Exits to show the Invoicing amount of the respecting periods.
• Developed queries based on client requirement. Used calculated key figures, formulas, restrictions, conditions, Exceptions in the queries. Developed report-to-report interfaces, Published views on web.
• Developed the Process Chain using ABAP code for automated extraction and loading processes based on SAP BW events chain functionality.
• Prepared the documentation on data flow design from two Legacy system, restriction, and filter of data, Data Modeling, Unit Testing, User Training, and Report Designing objects.
• Prepared the Cutover Activities documentation for Go Live.
• Performed Data Load Tuning by analyzing and adjusting, BW Statistics, Indexes, Data Packet Sizing, Number Range Buffering, Aggregates etc.
• Performed Query performance Tuning by analyzing and applying, aggregates, line item dimensions, data compression, Query read Mode, Bit Map Index, Partition a parallel query option.
• Developed documentation, including functional requirements, test cases, test plans, test scripts according company work instructions.
• Involved in postproduction support activities in monitoring the daily data loads, fix report issues, and reconciliation issues.
• Daily Monitoring activities like Analyzing ABAP Dumps, Update Monitoring, Alert Monitors, System Traces, Lock Entries Set Alert Threshold, and Operation modes.

Environment: Windows XP SAP BI 7.0(NW2004s), SAP R/3 4.7, Business Areas: FI-GL, MM.

Computer Assoc, NY Jul’ 07 to Feb’ 08
Sr. SAP BW Consultant
• Upgraded from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 Technical Upgrade and Dash Board implementation.
• Interacted with the management and business Decision-makers to identify business requirements. Documented reporting needs of the Business Service and Support Organization and disseminated those requirements into a data warehouse strategy resulting in both operational and analytical reporting.
• Successfully executed the BI Upgrade strategy from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 including Pre-Upgrade and Post Upgrade tasks (collecting system objects, Security).
Upgrade Activities:
Involved in the Pre Upgrade Activities (3.5 to BI 2004s).
• Running of Reports for activation of all the Objects.
• Running RSRV for the Consistency Check for Master and Transactional Data.
• Running the Report RSUPGRCHECK Report for Checking the Consistency Check.
• Alpha Conversion Check.
Involved in the post Upgrade activities (BI 2004s).
• Involved in the Base Line Testing
• Migrated Library Items from 3.5 and from 3.5 to 7.0
• Migration of the Web Templates from 3.5 from 7.0.
Involved in the Pre Upgrade & Post Upgrade Activities for BI Plug-In Upgrade on the R/3 from 2003.1 SP 10 to 2004.1 SP 12
• Emptying the Queues (SM13 & LBWQ) by running the V3 Jobs.
• Deleting the Data from the Set Up Tables
• Running the Process Chains to fetch Data and Emptying the RSA7.
• Resolved many issues around the Upgrade. Created OSS messages for Upgrade issue.
• Conducted the User Training on the New Bex Features. Installed and configured the BI Admin Cockpit. Successfully deployed the New Analysis Authorization.
• Worked closely with the Corporate Consultants in providing Functional Specifications to enhance the current and develop new ODS and InfoCubes. Defined Custom Cubes and MultiProviders for the business scenarios along with aggregates.
• Extensively worked in developing Executive Dash Board for presenting reports to the High-level managers, utilized Visual Composer, J2EE, and Java Script technologies for customizing web reports and present the dashboard reports.
• Configured Compensation Management, Organization Management, Time Management.
• Enhanced standard datasources and replicated into BW system.
• Created Custom extractor for Time Management on ZES and Saldo tables.
• Designed custom ODS, CUBES, and created operation and strategic reports in Personnel Management.
• Created detailed reporting on Employee Time Management.
• Developed reports on headcount, comparison of annual salary, staff positions.
• Extensively involved in creating InfoCubes in PS module.
• Created Process Chains to automate the data load and data target administration and monitored the processes.
• Performed tuning at data loading, reporting before Go-Live. Analyzed performance statistics and recommended improvements.

Environment: Windows NT SAP BI 7.0, Bex Query Designer, WAD, Visual Composer, R/3 ECC 6.0, and Portals, Business Areas: PS, HR, FI, and APD.

Toyota Material Handling Unit, CA Mar’ 07 to Jul’ 07
Sr. SAP BW Consultant
• Proactively involved in full lifecycle including BW configuration, modeling, analysis, design specification, development, performance tuning, and maintenance for “FLEET MANAGEMENT PROJECT.”
• Interacted with business users to analyze the requirements of reports.
• Gathered requirements for reporting, both for Management & for statutory consolidation of Plant Maintenance.
• Prepared Technical documents based on the Business blue print.
• Created data model to meet the business need and clients reporting needs and developed InfoCubes, InfoObjects, ODS, InfoPackage, MultiCube, and InfoProvider Objects.
• Configured Plant Maintenance involving Service Orders, Notifications, Equipment Maintenance, Billing documents, Shipping and Billing.
• Modified and enhanced standard DataSources on R/3 side. Created generic DataSources on tables and views and enhanced function module to populate fields on extract structures.
• Extended master data, text and transaction data extractors using ABAP.
• Coded ABAP for start routines, transfer rules and update rules wherever required. Created a start routine to restrict Order type from service orders, and Notification type
• Repair Types were restricted in update routines including Avoidable damage, Wear & Tear and Overage.
• Proactively involved in function module, which pulls data from WAS systems into BW for dealer codes.
• Used SAP standard 0Customer as compounding to custom defined customer number.
• Performed Query Performance Tuning by analyzing and applying, aggregates, line item dimensions, data compression, Query read Mode, Bit Map Index, Partitioned parallel query option.
• Developed all critical reports in BEx analyzer, Web query, Web templates, and configured reports in Portals.
• Created a report, which involves Virtual KF, to find beginning and Ending estimated hours based for Cost Per Hour Utilization Report on the user input date range.
• Developed, scheduled, maintained, and managed process chains, InfoPackages.
• Resolved issues in Database Performance Tuning, Data Load Performance Tuning, and Query Performance Tuning.
• Developed Web Printing using SAP standard functional modules with Java Script.
• Performed BW security and authorizations and created reporting roles and maintained security at InfoObject levels for different dealers.
• Performed customization of web templates, Web reporting, web items and web templates using Web Application Designer (WAD) and query designer.
• Transported objects both in BW and in R/3 landscape.
• Conducted training for end-users. Developed business process documentation.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, Bex Query Designer, WAD, Portals, and SAP R/3 4.7, Business Areas: PM, SD.

Ecolab, MN Nov’ 06 to Feb’ 07
Sr,SAP BI Consultant

• Analyzed user assigned reports and business needs for SCM reporting and possible enhancement of extractors to cover Bex Reports.
• Interacted with Business Analysts, Functional Team, Central Data Repository group, R/3 SD, SCM group to prepare the data mappings from R/3 to BI based on data transformation and conversion from legacy to R/3.
• Conducted and participated in a series of sessions to gather information and data flow between the various system in Ecolab and established mappings for their conversion to BI.
• Responsible for SCM, and SD Procurement, Inventory Management and Order Fulfilment.
• Analyzed Business needs for procure to pay (PTP), Order to cash (OTC) workstreams and created business events to meet solutions.
• Analyzed source system for procure to pay process like requisitioning set up, Material, Business Partner, and Vendor master workflow, Document imaging, automated Expense Processing Solution, Check Print Solution and order to cash electronic card payment, customer service improvement and credit management workflow and Order to Cash.
• Created Non-Cumulative Infoobjects, DSO, Infocubes and Multicubes.
• Used ABAP program to activate DSO/Infocube update rules in Data Mart.
• Used DSO to stage the data before transferring the DSO contents to the InfoCube. Done DSO reporting to give details of delivery items and schedule line items.
• Coded ABAP for start routines, transfer rules and update rules wherever required. Created a start routine to restrict material movement data while loading Inventory Management infocube.
• Extended master data, text and transaction data extractors using ABAP.
• Developed custom queries and used standard queries for Inventory Management, Procurement, and Order Fulfilments.
• Created reports to monitor Material Movements, Dead Stock, and Stock over Flow slow moving items and stock quantity.
• Analysed and Designed queries for open order values to incoming order values and credit memos to billing document.
• Created queries using Bex query designer and Web Application Designer. Used various web items and setup for workbooks and queries.
• Involved in Pre Upgrade and Post Upgrade activities according to the documentation.
• Involved in the Query Migration steps from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0.
• Involved in the Pre Upgrade & Post Upgrade Activities for BI Plug-In Upgrade on the R/3 from 2003.1 SP 10 to 2004.1 SP 12.
• Used R/3 modules in MM, and SD to verify data availability and validation.
• Used test Director to run test scripts, log defects and messages.
• Used BW statistics and indexes to monitor performance.
• Transported objects both in BI and in R/3 landscape.

Environment : SAP BI 7.0, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 and Portals, Business Areas: SD, SCM.

Insight, IL May’ 06 to Oct’ 06
Sr. SAP BW Consultant
• Gathered and analyzed requirements from Business Analysts and Senior executives.
• Analyzed report requirements, translated these requirements into dimensional data modeling using star-schema, and extended star-schema data modeling techniques.
• Used Snap Shot method for Procurement to stage the data before transferring the ODS contents to the Info Cubes.
• Modified and enhanced standard DataSources on R/3 side. Created generic DataSources on tables and views and enhanced function module to populate fields on extract structures.
• Created custom extractors and wrote user exits in ABAP.
• Customized standard Business Contents objects including, master data, text, hierarchy, and transaction data objects.
• Extensively worked with Dashboards.
• Designed web templates for various scenarios using Web Application Designer (WAD) and published the reports to Portals creating iviews. Responsible for creating Management Cockpit/Dashboard using Web Application Designer (WAD)
• Created Dashboards for Procurement Top sheet using warehouse management.
• Developed Procurement top sheets with Inventory Control, Purchasing, and Stock Keeping.
• Designed and developed reports for Dollar value and quantity of MRP types V1 and PD materials, Aging Inventory in number of days, Dollar value of Warehouse with Channel value.
• Created queries using BEx query designer and Web Application Designer. Used various web items and performed Information Broadcasting set up for workbooks and queries.
• Developed Process chains, created messaging system and troubleshooted data loading with process chains.
• Customized WAD reports using HTML, and Java Script coding.
• Transported objects both in BW and in R/3 landscape.
• Provided extensive end user training and resolved issues.

Environment: Windows NT, SAP BW 3.5, R/3 4.7 and Portals, Business Areas: MM, SD.

Avnet Global, AZ Jul’ 05 to Apr’ 06
SAP BW Consultant
• Proactively participated as a team member in discussions with business analysts and end users for Data Modeling, Business Content, Granularity, and Performance Tuning.
• Analyzed ERM, MDM and translated it to BW design. Identifying the Key Figures, Strong Entities, and Attributes of the entities, Archiving, Time Frame for Loading etc.
• Analyzed the SAP BW Business Content required, activating the business content components.
• Did enhancement of Payroll System and its different modules that process various kinds of loans, and interface with banking, and Insurance systems.
• Generated a Report for extracting Time Results from Cluster B2 for displaying Time Statement of Employees.
• Generated a Report for extracting Payroll Results (Gross Pay and Net Pay) of Employees for specific Pay Periods.
• Performed user Security profiles, authorizations.Built security authorization objects for Info Objects, Info Cubes, and Hierarchy.
• Worked extensively on Remote Cubes in order to improve performance. Extracted required master data from the Data Source of PSA to ODS. Worked with ODS object, ODS query, Updating ODS object with RRI.
• Created custom InfoCubes including Update Rules. Created Queries by defining rows, columns, and free characteristics providing drill down functionality in reporting using BEx.
• Implemented SAP delivered SD/MM, PP, and FI Info Cubes in Business Warehouse.
• Configured use of restricted key figures, variables, exceptions and calculated key figures in queries. Created aggregates to improve the query response.
• Created reports for Sales, Purchasing, and Production.
• Responsible for building a BW Metadata tool that enables the production support team to identify and eliminate objects not in use.
• Trained technical personnel on BW, BEx Reporting, Web Reporting, and knowledge transfer.
• Evaluated of a suitable financial planning package based on business needs and current IT infrastructure.
• Implemented the Planning Functions, Data slices, Validations.
• Created Transactional InfoCubes required as a data basis for the SEM BPS.
• Worked with Planning Areas, Planning levels, Packages, Layouts, Folders, and Planning Sequences in implementing SEM-BPS.
• Created Planning Variables.
• Created Planning functions and Parameter Groups.
• Created FOX Formula and EXIT Functions to meet various planning requirements.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.6C, SEM BPS, Business Areas: SD, MM, HR.

Shawn’s Sales Enterprise, MN May’ 04 to Jul’ 05
SAP BW Consultant

• Responsible for designing and creating Sales, Delivery, Billing, Open orders in Logistics.
• Performed Dimensional Modeling and extended Star Schema Modeling.
• Created, Modified and Activated business content extractors, InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoCubes, Multi cubes and ODS according to the reporting requirements.
• Created and enhanced CRM quotes and Sales contract item data sources. Created custom data sources based on tables, views, and function modules. Created user exits both for extractors and to populate variables.
• Worked extensively on data modeling. Worked on Infocubes such as 0SD_C03.
• Developed custom Infocubes and ODS objects for the bolt-on module and related Info objects of type’s characteristic and key figures. Developed Multicube for the Sales order status.
• Developed Regression Testing documentation for Development and Quality environments. Coordinated Regression testing efforts to ensure that current functionality is protected and new functionality is put to use. The project intended to develop customized extractors to extract data from customized tables in R/3 system
• Executed change run program to update all the info provider area with the changes in info objects.
• Extended Extract structures and populated the new fields with user exits both at LIS structures level and at BW extract structures level, depends upon the type of data required by BW.
• Used aggregates to improve the query performance.
• Developed many queries based on client requirement. Used calculated key figures, formulas, restrictions, conditions, Exceptions in the queries. Developed report-to-report interfaces. Published views on web.
• Developed number of generic extractors for the customer Price protection table.
• Worked extensively with OSS notes to fix the problems.

Environment: UNIX, SAP R/3 4.0B, SAP BW 3.1C, and CRM, Business Areas: SD, MM.

Severn Trent Systems, TX May’03 to Apr’ 04
SAP BW Consultant
• Activated the required business contents required of SD and FICO.
• Developed custom defined ODS and Infocube to analyze the process of GIM process.
• Developed custom Infocube for Special purpose ledger.
• Developed generic extractors to extract data from R/3, which uses table view option, based on the four custom tables (Header data, Line item data, pricing data and Text data), where in data will be populated from external R/3 and non R/3 systems.
• Developed Delta process for Generic extractor.
• Developed custom Info objects of types characteristic and key figures.
• Used aggregates to improve the query performance.
• Developed many queries based on client requirements to analyze the GIM process. Used restrictions, exceptions, and conditions in the Queries.
• Developed RRI (Report to report interface) for data analysis.
• Developed number of update rules and transfer rules.
• Worked extensively on BW authorization.
• Downloaded Infocube content to External files.
• Created many batch jobs for background processing.
• Worked extensively with OSS notes to fix the errors.

Environment: Windows 2000, SAP R/3 4.0B, SAP BW 3.1C, Business Areas: SD, FI.

Retronix Ireland Ltd, Ireland Aug’01 to Mar’03
SAP ABAP Consultant


• Configured ALE/IDOC to extract customer master data and sales data from composite IDOCs.
• Developed & modified reports using ABAP/4 for SD and MM modules as per user requirements including Sales Analysis reports.
• Wrote custom BDC programs for data conversion / interfaces for loading Customer Master & Vendor Master records.
• Created and maintained data dictionary objects such as transparent tables, structures, transactions.
• Created Classical and Interactive reports to display all the Purchase Orders for the Purchasing Organization, Purchase groups, and display the total and individual values of All the Purchase Orders.
• Created an Interactive report to output Vendor details like Vendor name and address etc in the Basic list and Bank details like Account no. Banker's name and address in the Secondary lists.
• Developed report to generate monthly sales summary. The report displayed customer, amount, document number, invoice number etc.
• Created a report for inventory status by providing warehouse number, storage bin, and storage type.
• Developed material master details report. Inputting material and plant as Select-options and material type as parameter. Output list had total quantity by Material group and plant.
• Worked with BDC Methods including Call Transaction, Session Method and LSMW to upload the data.
• Using the standard data conversion program uploaded the material master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 using flat files Created BDC interface for VA01.
• Created different layout sets using transaction code SE71.Created windows, Paragraphs, Page windows according to the client requirements and company LOGO is copied from Tiff file by using the program RSTXLDMC.
• Designed and assigned SAP Scripts for purchase order, transfer order by modifying Standard layout set MEDRUCK according to the client requirements and fixed Problems such as sorting of sizes in PP shop traveller & Purchase order.
• Created EDI development program to read IDOCs and use field contents in generating reports, flat files.
• Developed IDOC interface program to create orders IDOC based on customer requirement. The source data was from customer VAN transmission.

Environment: SAP ABAP/4 4.6 Technical Consultant.

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