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Reliability Engineer

Prambanan, Yogyakarta, 57454, Indonesia
140000 AUD
April 12, 2012
Contact Info:


Place & Date of Birth : Yogyakarta, May 11, 1979

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indonesia

Marital Status : Married

Passport : P 884187

Australia Visa : Sub Class 457 No. 7411787A1

Permanent Address : Tegalharjo 16 RT.02/RW.10, Kebondalem Kidul

Prambanan, Klaten, Indonesia

Post Code: 57454

Mailing Address :

Mobile (Indonesia) : +628369815357

Phone (Home) : +6285217885433

Mobile (Lao) : +8562076580899

Educational Background:

1998-2003 Under graduate student of Mechanical Engineering Department of Gadjah Mada University, period: 1998-2003, GPA: 2.89 (scale 4) with Final Project: Pressure Vessel Design as Petroleum Gas Separator at 400 psi.

Vocational Backgrounds:

January 2005 Equipment Management I

February 2005 Applied Failure Analysis I

July 2005 Applied Failure Analysis II

July 2005 Equipment Management II (advance)

September 2005 MASTER Observation Program.

August 2005 Cooling System TEC – PGXL,

June 2007 Supervisory Safety Workshop

August 2009 Pronto Management Tools

October 2009 RH40 and RH90 O&K/TEREX Shovel Hydraulic and Electronic System

June 2010 Basic Incident Investigation

September 2010 Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator PC1250-8


1. Microsoft Offices


3. VIMS (Vital Information Management System), Caterpillar Software to analyze the condition of machines, including VIMSpc, VIMS supervisor, and VIMS Manager.

4. Oil Commander, RBMware, Raw Base Materials (To analyze wear material in oil sample) (Mobil Oil)

5. AMT, Asset Management Tool.

6. DBS Dealer Business System, Work Order History, Warranty Claim History

7. Ultrasonic, Non Destructive Test (NDT) Kraukamer USN 58R with Software Ultra Doc 4.41

8. ET, Electronic Technician, a Caterpillar Software to set machine configuration and troubleshooting on CAT machines.

9. EDS, Electronic Data System, O&K Software to analyze hydraulic performance.

10. Failure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

11. Weibull, Component life projection.

12. Klinge, Tire Performance Monitoring.

13. JIGSAW, Wireless Equipment Monitoring System.

14. Pronto, components management tools.

15. Patch Test Oil Cleanliness.

Employment Background:

1. Company Name: PT. TRAKINDO UTAMA

Company Address: Megashop, Grasberg, PT. Freeport Indonesia Mining Area

Periode Of Work: February 15, 2004 – February 23, 2008.

Starting Position: Failure Analyst

Last Position: Failure Analyst & Technical Communicator Foreman

Reference: Djarot Adhi (Strategy Manager), Phone: +62-901-417695 or mobile: +62811491147

Position Description:

The role covered for 793C,797B and 24H that under Maintenance and Repaired Contract.

Analysis failed component from wear surface, fracture surface, application and operation, lubrication system, electronic data (CAT VIMS) and Electronic Technician, and Application and Operation.

Create Short Term Strategy as Major Machine Down include Parts Availability, Estimation Down Time and Planning Job.

Long Term Strategy including Projection Component Life using Weibull, Highest Component Failure, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.

Product Problem Management, Continues Improvement Meeting with factory regarding with step by step progress on problem solving.

Analysis on Application and Operation of Mining Machine to get best practice on operation and maintenance.

Organizing good Application and Operation of Haul Truck 793C and 797.

Minestar Data (for Machine Monitoring) work properly.

Develop Strategic Workschope for best practice on essential maintenance repair.

Special Project:

- Product Problem Management on Valve Mechanism Spring of 3500B HAA Caterpillar Engine along 2006-2007, and produce financial support for any fail on valve machanism and resultant damage of it on pro rate basis.

- Product Problem Management on Wastegate system of 3500B HAA Caterpillar Engine along 2007 and produce fully financial support from Caterpillar to replace wastegate every 2000 hrs operation.

- Product Problem Management on High Pressure Turbocharger of 3500B HAA Caterpillar Engine along 2007 and produce fully financial support to replace HP Turbocharger every 8000 hrs.

- Product Problem Management on Short Block Crack of 3500B HAA Caterpillar Engine along 2007 and produce fully claim on 3 Engines Block that crack (+ USD 150,000).

2. Company Name: PHU BIA MINING, Ltd. (a part of Pan Australian Resources Limited)

Company Address: Phu Kam Operation, Lao PDR.

Period Of Work: March 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009

Position: Maintenance Machine Data Analyst.

Reference: Geoff Boyle (Mobile Maintenance Superintendent), email:

Position Description:

Reliability data of machines includes Mechanical Availabilty, Utilization, Mean Time to Repair, Mean Time Between Failure.

Payload Management System is time to time Payload Manitoring System via VIMS and JIGSAW that ensure achivement of target material movement and minimize impact to the major component.

Tire Management System, include: Manage Tire data via KLINGE and create Tire Performance and Tire Forecast.

VIMS and Electronic Technician and create Short And Long Term action for preventing major machine down time.

Analysis on Application and Operation on 777D regarding with operator skill and road condition.

Analysis Payload and Road Condition regarding with Tire Life and Major Component life with TKPH Monitoring System and Applied Severity Analysis.

Maintenance Budget and Cost for all mobile maintenance machine 2009-2011.