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Project Manager Sales

Fishers, Indiana, 46037, United States
June 23, 2010
Contact Info:

***** ******** ***. *******, ** *****
Cell: 317-***-****
Home: 317-***-****

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a consulting position in the food service industry.

Over eighteen years of management experience at the multi-unit level, involved in many projects
with a solid track record of great results. A winner, go getter, very creative, competitive,
Engineer by trade, an outside of the box thinker with major analytical ability.

Specific qualifications include:
Management expertise in all phases of multi-unit restaurant operations. Skilled at personnel training, supervision, and evaluation. Expert developer and facilitator of curriculums for customer service programs. Excellent ability as liaison to corporate departments, government agencies, and contract vendors.

Wendy’s Franchise June 2003 to present
District/project manager
In charge of 6 restaurants’ operation. Head of the IT department.

Nath Companies Dec. 1997 to May 2003
Director of Operations, (Denny’s)
Director of Operations, (Burger King)
Responsible for a region which consists of 19 Burger King Restaurants in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Wendy’s International Inc. March 1987 to Nov. 1997
District/Project Manager,
Minneapolis MN, Miami FL, Boston, MA - Was part of Wendy’s acquisition team taking over poor operating restaurants back from Wendy’s Franchises.

Projects that I’ve been involved with:
1) Coke to Pepsi conversion for Wendy’s Int. Inc.
2) Reducing product/ labor cost by implementing pre-cut produce for Wendy’s Int. Inc.
3) Part of Wendy’s Int. Inc. acquisition team taking back poor running restaurants and turning them into successful operations in Minneapolis MN, Miami FL, and Boston MA.
4) Part of automating the daily audit trail process for Nath Companies to reduce food/labor cost.
5) Part of selection of monitoring security systems in 2 different companies to reduce theft.
6) Head of the IT department for 7 years involved in POS selection and back of the house systems all around resulting in major sales and profit turnaround.
7) Head of Syrus data processing system for 7 years insuring that the system runs well and tracks the cost and forecasts the business properly.
8) Part of risk management project involved in reducing the accidents/theft for 3 different companies.
9) Ran many model districts for many years generating model results in the area of sales and profit all around achieving many awards for being #1.

It feels good to be a winner
12888 Redskins Ave. Fishers, IN 46037
Cell: 317-***-****
Home: 317-***-****


#1 District, out of 24 districts in 5 states:
4th Quarter, 2003 1st Quarter, 2004
3rd Quarter, 2004 4th Quarter, 2004
2nd Quarter, 2005 2nd Quarter, 2006
3rd Quarter, 2006 1st Quarter, 2007
Wendy’s Best Speed of Service Award 2006,2007,2008,2009
Cedar Value Award March 2007
Cedar Best Speed of Service Award 2004 and 2005

Best in the region, and the winner of a sales building contest 2001
Most Improved Customer Complaint Award 2000

Best Profit Increase over the budget in the region, April 1999
Best Food and Labor Cost in the region, May 1998
Best Cash Control in the region, 2nd Quarter 1998

Wendy’s International Inc.
Best of Division Highest Net Sales Award, 1st Quarter 1997
Best of Division Labor Control Award, 1st and 2nd Quarter 1996
Sparkle Operation Award 1995
Sparkle Operation Award 1994
Deputy Dawg Award 1993
Manager of the Quarter, 2nd Quarter 1993
Best of Division Profit before Occupancy - 31.34%, 2nd Quarter 1992
Best of Division Gross Profit - 48.18%, 2nd Quarter 1991
Best of Division Net Sales Percent Increase over Previous Year - 15.97%, 1st Quarter 1991
Can Do Attitude & Results Award 1990
Best Off-line Manager Award 1990
Winners Circle Award 1990
T.J.T.C. Award 1989
Most Improved Store Award 1989

B.S. Degree in Mining Engineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 1986
Management Schools: Burger King Multi-unit Management School, Wendy’s General Manager School, Wendy’s Multi-unit Management School, certified instructor teaching performance management and management control.
Seminars: Interaction Management, Targeted Selection Program, Situational Leadership, Time Management, Developing a Winning Team, Interpersonal Communication, and Improving Written Skills.