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10 yeras ( Included Ph.D) Material Scientist

Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, 555-210, South Korea
April 12, 2012
Contact Info:

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Asish Kumar Sharma
R&D Division of Production Technology & Research Center
Samsung Cheil Industries Inc.
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Mobile No: 0082-10-6851-1978 (
Desire a Challenging Position as Lead Material Scientist in a Major Corporation with a Focus on Research and Development of Materials with New and Specific Properties.
A highly gifted and enthusiastic Material Scientist with enormous experience in the study of the structures and chemical properties of various materials, including, polymers, molecular catalysts, rubber, and luminescent materials (Inorganic Phosphors), to develop new products or to enhance existing ones. Proven expertise in determining ways to strengthen or combine materials or develop new materials with new or specific properties for use in a variety of products and applications

Summary of Qualification

Over 10+ years (Included PhD) and 5 years professional research experience in material science
Excellent scientific and technical knowledge of molecular catalysts, polymer synthesis,
nanotechnology, organic & inorganic synthesis.
Solid ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative
solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
Excellent ability to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand.
Profound ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words
and sentences.
Knowledge and ability to predict physical principles, laws, their interrelationships, and
applications to understanding material, and mechanical, atomic and sub- atomic structures and
Knowledge of chemical composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the chemical
processes and transformations that they undergo.
Knowledge of practical application of engineering, science and technology.
Sound knowledge of design of experiments principles and strategies.
Ability to define technical targets, write technical proposals and present results at internal and
external technical events using strong written, presentation, and verbal communication skills.
Experience and demonstrated ability to effectively execute assigned tasks and conduct complex
Ability and willingness to expand knowledge to related materials and applications.
Profound ability to seek best practices and improved efficiency in all work areas.


08/2010 Assistant Manager / Research Engineer
Present R&D Division of Production Technology & Research Center, Samsung Cheil Industries Inc. South Korea
Development and optimized of Anionic polymerization technology at lab and pilot scale
Development of polymer reactor (5 liter) design and control
Development of functional (linear, star, branched) SBR and (block, Tapered) SBR.
Conduct the experiment to support the development of the solution SBR for creating high
performance ABS, SAN and HIPS with quality improvement of existing products.
Conduct physical/mechanical property testing in support of structure-property relationships of
Plan, schedule conduct and coordinate detailed phase of work that involve SBR rubber and polymer
synthesis , their characterization , summarize the data, data interpretation, preparation of
specification, research investigation and application development.
Researching the new areas of polymers in exploration and production.
Researching and developing new catalyst for PBR and developing sustainable polymerization.

11/2009 Researcher
07/2010 Department of Energy Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Synthesized of light responsive nano materials and application.
Synthesized of gold nano particle and rod , up conversion nano phosphor
Synthesized the organic moiety to attach the nano particle surface.
Conducted surface modification of nano particle by layer by layer technique
Conducted the encapsulation of nano particle in block copolymer (PS-B-PAA)

07/2007 Postdoc
10/2009 Department of Material Sci. and Metallurgical Engg, Sunchon National University, South Korea
Developed new luminescent materials (Green and Red Inorganic phosphor, Na2MgGeO4, Mg2Ge11O24 )
using heuristic based solution combinatorial chemistry and solid state chemistry.
Optimized the inconsistency in experiment of solution based combinatorial chemistry.
Optimized of luminance and color chromaticity of phosphors.
Studied the effect of local structures on the luminescence.

06/2005 Research Assistant
09/2006 Department of Chemical Engineering, Sunchon National University, South Korea
Metallocene and N,O,O,O-Non-Metallocene complexes.
Synthesized of Ruthenium and Iridium Complexes.


03/2002 PhD Thesis –Chemistry
11/2006 Title “Pyrazolylborate Complexes of Mn and Co: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity Studies”
Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, (IITR) India
Synthesized of versatile Hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borate (Tp) ligand analogs to Cyclopentadienyl (Cp).
Controlled over the reactivity and activity of metal complexes by ligand configuration.
Synthesized single site transition metals complex.
Synthesized the mononuclear and binuclear transition metal carboxylate & hydroxo complexes.
C–H bond functionalization by metal-coordination.
Uv-visible studied of hydroxo complexes of Ni, Mn, Co, Fe, Zn with phosphate ester.
Synthesized of dioxygen complexes (Oxo and peroxo complex of Mn ).

08/1999 Master of Science (MS) – Chemistry
06/2001 Project entitled “Spectrophotometric Studies of Some Metal Ion Complexes with Xylenol”.
Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, (IITR) India

08/1995 Bachelor of Science (BS) – Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
07/1999 Department of Science, K.L.D.A.V. Degree College, Roorkee, (C.C.S University, Meerut UP), India


Synthesis of polymer (ABS, SAN, HIPS) : emlusion, suspension and solution polymerisation,
Coordination chemistry : binuclear and mono nuclear metal complexes
Kinatics and rectivities of metal complexes.
Study of luminance property from soft UV to near IR.
Single Crystal growth and new phase identification of soild inorganic samples.
Synthesis of new organic ligand for controlling the metals activity and reactivity.
Synthesis of dioxygen complexes.
Synthesis under extream condition either in cold or higher temperature.
Synthesis of nano particale ( Gold, Silver, Upconversion Nano Particale).
Physico-chemical charterization (XRD,TEM, SEM, FTIR, NMR, GPC, TGA,DTA,Zeta Potential ).
Solution based-combinatorial chemistry.
Solid state synthesis : wet co-precipitation method, combustion of oxides, sol- gel techniques.


KOSEF ( Korea Science and Engineering foundation) fellowship , Korea- 2007.
BK-21 (Brain Korea -21) fellowship,Korea-2009 .
Best poster award in XI-Modern Trend in Inorganic Chemistry, 2005, IIT Delhi, India.
Qualified GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering) 2002.
Qualified NET (National Eligibility Test) for teaching and research in India, 2001, New Delhi,
Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
in 2002 and subsequently upgraded to senior research fellowship (SRF) in 2004.
Published 2 Invited paper and 9 articles in peer review International Journal (total impact
Won first prizes and award state scholarship at school level (10 and 10+2) as a topper secured
highest percentage.

Documentation : Advanced, 9 years experience
Team leadership : Intermediate, 5 years experience
Microsoft : Advanced, 10 years experience
Problem solving : Advanced, 9 years experience
Research : Advanced, 10 years experience

English : full professional proficiency
Hindi : Native
Korean : Basic

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11. Search for Phosphors for use in Displays and Lightings using Heuristics-based Combinatorial Materials Science
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Family name : Sharma
First name : Asish
Middle name : Kumar
Date of Birth : May 10, 1978.
Age : 33
Marital status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Home Add : Loco Hydle Colony, Laksar, Hardwar ,
Uttarakhand-247663, India
Alternative email :