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Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant/Medical Transcriptionist

San Diego, California, 92114, United States
May 03, 2008
Contact Info:

Toni D McAfee *** Los Alamos Drive San Diego, CA *2114-5414

Cell Phone: 619-517-8345Message Phone:



Toni Dean-McAfee 415 Los Alamos Drive San Diego, CA 91911-5414 PATHOLOGY LABORATORY MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST Sharp Memorial Hospital Sumerlin Pathology Laboratory 7901 Frost Street San Diego, CA 92123-2788 (858) ***-**** August 8, 2007 to March 31, 2008 Sharp Grossmont Hospital Pathology Laboratory Grossmont Center Drive La Mesa, CA 91942 (619) ***-**** March 31, 2008 Present Duties and responsibilities: - Transcribe dictated and handwritten surgical pathology, autopsy, bone marrow, neuropathology and placenta submissions, accessions surgical pathology cases and upload final reports to the hospital mainframe computer. - Search database for previous surgical and cytologic material. - Assemble materials for conferences, facilitate communication and sharing of materials between Pathologists, dictating Assistants, and personnel within the Pathology Laboratory. - Prints documents, compile and distribute reports. - Assign billing codes. - Answer the telephone and triage calls. - Assist laboratory users and staff.- Prepare and update Pathology Laboratory Office Procedure manual. - Work periodic overtime to meet the staffing needs of the laboratory. Qualifications: - Previous directly-related transcription experience all medical specialties. - Demonstrated knowledge of medical and surgical pathology terminology. - Strong organizational skills with demonstrated, independent ability to set priorities, handle deadlines and manage conflicting demands with limited supervision. - Maintain strict confidentiality with demonstrated experience applying good judgment and discretion. - Utilized my experience in customer service skills. - Computer experience, adapting to upgraded diverse customized programs and software. - Overall 30 years of experience in transcribing all healthcare specialties. Tools: Cerner Lab, Lawson Web,

Reason for Leaving:

Last Rate of Pay: 17 HR Supervisor: Debbie Berry Telephone: 858-***-**** Supv. Title: Owner Ok to contact current supervisor.


I am Administrative Assistant II to Robert W. Steiner, MD - Nephrology Programs. I assist the department with the following tasks: Maintaining and updating all employee files with competencies, job descriptions, health certifications, continuing medical education, licensing and Safety Fair. New employee orientation documentation. Travel for Dr. Steiner's lectures and dinner talks. Attendance at symposium meetings, conferences and out-of-town conventions. I handle incoming calls for the Nephrology Programs administrative offices and route the messages to the appropriate nephrologist. My duties include ordering all office supplies for the Acute Hemodialysis Unit, Chronic Hemodialysis Unit, Apheresis and Peritoneal Dialysis Unit. I take minutes at the Patient Care Meetings weekly. I keep the daily calendaring and appointments for Dr. Steiner regarding the UCSD Center for Transplantation by coordinating living kidney donor in-office consultations with Dr. Steiner, the social worker and the prospective donor and recipient of kidney transplants. I network and coordinate schedules with other physicians to plan meetings regularly with Dr. Steiner, such as the various committee meetings and Doc Talk. I also assist the Fellows who come to Nephrology Programs on rotation. My duties include transcription of documents from cassette tapes and keeping logs pertaining to operation of the different aspects of the Nephrology Programs. Daily input of charge encounters from patient treatment in the dialysis units. I participate in submitting billing to the Jail and Children's Hospital and Health Center for receipt of reimbursement for services rendered. I have taken courses to train in PCIS and ICD-9 coding, as well as other workshops pertaining to my job description. In my capacity as Administrative Assistant II I interact with the staff by updating their Policies and Procedures Manuals. I perform numerous other secretarial duties and office management areas. I supervise temporary employees who are hired to work on various ongoing projects. Mass mailings and ordering stationery and forms are duties that I perform. I have direct patient contact in that I answer questions for patients who come to the Nephrology Office for different documents to be signed, i.e. Disability, DMV, SNF, in-home care, transportation, etc. I have contact with the UCSD Center for Transplantation and coordinate with the staff as a laison between Dr. Steiner and the operation of the center which is located in the Webster Building on 5th Avenue. In my capacity as Administrative Assistant II the calendaring and ordering of office supplies, including furniture and machine maintenance are an integral aspect of the daily tasks that I perform. I set up the conference room for meetings and schedule the meeting rooms in advance online. For Dr. Steiner's out of town travel, I handle the arrangements for his trip by securing a rental car and hotel. The airline tickets and travel arrangements are coordinated by myself and the sponsor of the event, whether locally or in another state. Tools: Tools: I am familiar with the majority of office equipment: copier, fax, scanner, Plantronics telephone operating system, Panasonic transcriber, RTAS Transcription station, shredder, cutter, label maker, etc. I have experience in programs including, Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet, Word Perfect, Microsoft Outlook, Weboutlook, UCSD paging system, conference calling,

Reason for Leaving: Retired

Last Rate of Pay: 38,000 YR Supervisor: James M. Barker, AA Telephone: 619-***-**** Supv. Title: Supervisor


Administrative Assistant in the capacity of performing medical transcription for Dr. Charles W. Kerber, Neurosurgeon regarding his patients seen in clinic, entailing correspondence to other referring physicians, maintaining confidentiality of patient personal information and medical history. Also, perform duties relative to personal correspondence and itinerary pertaining to Dr. Kerbers personal and professional activities, including calendaring, tracking research donations and keeping the patrons informed regarding the status of the donation and to which aspect of the research it will be applied. In my capacity as assistant to Dr. Kerber, there is highly technical and scientific terminology utilized in the transcription of documents, including letters, graphs, invoices, consultations and published articles. I utilize Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, E-mail, the Internet and published sources to research the information needed to perform my duties, in keeping with Dr. Kerbers fast-paced schedule, frequent out-of-town travel and the deadlines that he has to meet. I have been self-employed as a Medical Transcriptionist, Professional Secretary, and sales representative of Custom and Quick Printing since January 1988 (Toni Types). Tools: Tools: Panasonic Microcassette Transcriber, Earphones, Foot Pedal, Hewlett Packard Computer System, Microsoft Word, Smart Type word expander, Stedman's Medical Word books: Radiology, Neurosurgery, Google Search Engine. Excel. Access. Microsoft Outlook. PDA palm Visor with synchronizer. Calculator. LaserJet printer. Ikon copier. Changed toner in printer. Loaded paper into copier.

Reason for Leaving:

Last Rate of Pay: 20 HR Supervisor: Charles Kerber, MD Telephone: 619-***-**** Supv. Title: Professor of Radiology Neurosurgery


Medical transcription from dictated patient history and physicals, consultations, discharge summaries. Microsoft Word used and document saved after transcription from microcassette tapes. CONTACT: Martin L. Kabongo, MD, Associate Physician SCRIPPS RANCH FAMILY MEDICINE (858) ***-****. I transcribed for Dr. Kabongo in my capacity as an administrative assistant in my self-employment, various documents and letters pertaining to his professional and personal correspondence. Dr. Kabongo has since left Sharp Faculty Medical Group and is currently employed by University of California San Diego at Scripps Ranch Family Medicine. Several physicians dictated reports of different medical specialties. I utilized fast thinking and extensive research skills to access the necessary information to complete the documents. I worked nights at Sharp Faculty Medical Group in order to ensure a constant workflow until the morning shift arrived. Kitty Martin worked with me as a fellow Medical Transcriptionist, and I began my workday when Kitty ended her shift. This teamwork resulted in reports being charted promptly in the patient's medical record. Thus, requesting or referring physicians were able to access the patient's current medical status. Tools: Tools: Microsoft Word program. Medical reference books. Online research.

Reason for Leaving: Part-time employment to help with the overflow of dictated reports.

Last Rate of Pay: 15 HR Supervisor: Marie Telephone: 619-******* Supv. Title: Supervisor


Medical Transcriptionist performing the required tasks pertaining to documenting the patients medical record as recovered from microcassette tapes. I transcribed all aspects of the medical field utilizing my knowledge of medical terminology to document what the physician was dictating about his/her patient. I also worked independently as a subcontractor for a Neurosurgeon in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. I walked to the different departments in the hospital to place documents in the patient's medical charts. Tools: Tools: Ten-key adding machine, electronic mail, Pitney Bowes mailing machine.

Reason for Leaving: Relocated back to San Diego, CA

Last Rate of Pay: 15 HR Supervisor: Dawn Carlson Telephone: 602-***-**** Supv. Title: Medical Records Supervisor


Group therapy sessions, medical transcription, charts, graphs, bibliographies, transcription for various staff at the Logan Heights Family Health Center and its satellite clinics in the Beach area and at the 30th Street location. AIDS discussion groups, TB documentation, Womens Health, Well Baby, immunizations, meeting notes, difficult transcription from group discussions because of background noise and several speakers talking at the same time. I had to distinguish each speaker and notate that in the manuscript such that it was clear and accurate in order to be understood by the reader. Tools: Computer equipment. Copier. Conference materials. Word Perfect program. Paper cutter. Bulk mailings. Labeling. Agendas. Calendaring. Tools:

Reason for Leaving: Hired fulltime at UCSD MEDICAL CENTER.

Last Rate of Pay: 12 HR Supervisor: Fran Butler Telephone: 619-***-**** Supv. Title: Executive Director


Dr. Hilton is the author of PRACTICAL PEDIATRIC RADIOLOGY. In my capacity as Dr. Hilton's secretary, I coordinate and handle the editing of the next edition of her new textbook. The duties that have performed for Dr. Hilton based on her specifications include: Different revisions were performed on each chapter: Old Figures Add New Figures Renumber Figure List Type New Figure List Insert New Figures into body of Text specified Images (Radiologic images) Renumber Images Type new Image Number List Insert New Image Numbers into body of Text Old References (Cited reference materials from various sources) Renumber Reference List Type New Reference List Insert New Reference Numbers into body of Text Save Changes as a Revised Chapter Make Changes to Tables as Specified Transcribe Superscripts from dictated Cassette Tapes E-mail all Revised Chapters to Saskia Hilton, MD Deliver all hard copies (references) and materials to Dr. Hilton's office. Technical medical terminology. Editing and proofreading skills. Graphs. Charts. Citing references. Composing tables. Summary reports. Invoicing. Tools: Ready all materials to be submitted to the Publisher to maintain promptness in meeting deadlines. Tools: Proficiency and accuracy in wordprocessing. Reference books. Medical terminology research. Microcassette Transcriber. Neon brite Post-It Notes (very helpful when editing and proofreading). Electronic mail. Spellchecker. Word expander. Floppy disks.

Reason for Leaving: Ongoing project.

Last Rate of Pay: 20 HR Supervisor: Saskia Hilton, MD Telephone: (619) ***-**** Supv. Title: Pediatric Radiologist Retired


Helix Adult School (ROP) Medical Terminology, Certificate

Educational Cultural Complex Lithography/Graphic Arts, Certificate

Grossmont Community College Sociology, 3 Credit Units

Western Kentucky University Medical Technology 175 Credit Units

Jefferson Community College, Louisville, Kentucky - Business Courses ChartScript training - UCSD Medical Center (Christopher Clarke)


LITHOGRAPHER PRINTING EMPORIUM (CUSTOM AND QUICK PRINTING) 04/1987 - 03/1990 SAN DIEGO, CA I worked with Mr. Pennington, Owner of Printing Emporium in the capacity of camera operator, paste-up, stripping, collating, folding, padding, bindery, packaging and delivery. Included in my duties at the print shop, I received the order from the customer by noting what the print job was to entail and creating a work order for the job. I maintained contact with the customer by telephone and in person, taking the order and scheduling the deadline, the job jacket, and the specifications. I worked closely with the Government Printing Office, making sure to adhere to their timelines and strict specifications, as well as to deliver the finished job to the various military bases such as North Island, Camp Pendleton, 32nd Street Naval Station, and various satellite facilities. As a student at Educational Cultural Complex, I attended courses in Printing Graphics and Lithography for two semesters. Tools: Telephone lines. Customer orders. Paper house purchases of stock, ink, envelopes, card stock, solvents, cleaning rags, film, paste-up flats, X-acto knives and all other supplies related to the printing industry. I was enrolled in Lithography at Educational Cultural Complex and completed the course. I have run an AB Dick press from camera operation, to paste-up to inking the press, printing the job order and all bindery operations. The product was then delivered to the customer, along with the invoice.


Willing to Accept: Full-Time Regular Available Work Schedule: Days Minimum Salary Acceptable: $18 per hour

Eligibility to Work in the US: Yes.

Criminal Conviction Record: No.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Professional References acquired over the past years of my employment history: Saskia Hilton, MD Clinical Professor, RADIOLOGY (Retired) UCSD MEDICAL CENTER (619) ***-**** Martin L. Kabongo, MD Associate Physician SCRIPPS RANCH FAMILY MEDICINE 9909 Mira Mesa Blvd., Suite 200 (858) ***-**** Fran Butler, Executive Director LOGAN HEIGHTS FAMILY HEALTH CENTER 1859 National Avenue San Diego, CA (619) ***-**** Andra Marino, Supervisor Medical Records ALVARADO HOSPTIAL MEDICAL CENTER 6655 Alvarado Road San Diego, CA (619) ***-**** Maria Zuniga , Medical Records Supervisor ALVARADO PARKWAY INSTITUTE 7050 Parkway Drive La Mesa, CA (619) ***-**** Charles W. Kerber, MD Professor of Radiology and Neurosurgery UCSD MEDICAL CENTER 200 West Arbor Drive MC 8756 San Diego, CA (619) 543-3857James SimpsonUCSD MEDICAL CENTERFACILITIES 954-4777