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Indiana, United States
February 27, 2010
Contact Info:

Thomas Michael Harmon
*** *. ******* ***.
Mitchell, Indiana 47446
United States
Home: (812) - 849-6509
Cell: (765) - 490-7565


Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction (03/31/2008 - 03/12/2009) - Machinist
Bloomington, Indiana United States
Supervisor: Roselyn Reiter - 812-***-****; Contact:Yes
Salary: $17.87 per hour
Hours per week: 40
Duties: Setup and run computer for the Duson, Okumas, uploaded and downloaded on
disc. Checking parts with 20-30 calibrated instruments for tolerance. Inventory of
parts ran, and in stock. Replacing tools and inserts. Made and assembled brakes for
the armored hummer.(Laid Off)

Harmon Trucking (02/20/2006 - 03/21/2008) - Owner/Operater
Mitchell, Indiana United States
Supervisor: Thomas Harmon - 765-***-****; Contact:Yes
Salary: $14.00 per hour
Hours per week: 40
Duties: Pulled containers out of Chicago,Ill from railroad yards. Had 3 accounts.(
Fuel prices put me out of business.)

Lafayette Masonry (03/20/1991 - 02/11/2006) - Driver/Warehouse/Supervisor/Stock Clerk
Lafayette, Indiana United States
Supervisor: Greg Brown - 765-***-****; Contact:Yes
Salary: $15.00 per hour
Hours per week: 40
Duties: Delivery driver, drove a 20 ton boom truck, and semi flatbed trailer, with
teladine to unload. Delivered mason material to contractors. (Bricks, mortar, sand.)
Warehouse, inventory ordering material and stocking. Unloading and loading trucks.
Supervised 3 men. Also drove a single axel dump truck to deliver sand. Forklift
(Went to work for myself.)

West Point Telephone Co. (02/02/1981 - 02/02/1991) - Lineman/Construction/Supervisor/
Cable Slicer/Myers Pump Techinician West Point, Indiana United States
Supervisor: Gary Cheeseman - 765-***-****; Contact:Yes
Salary: $10.00 per hour
Hours per week: 40
Duties: Installed and repaired telepone lines underground and on telephone poles.
Installed with a ditchwhitch, and backhoe. Underground boreing. Installed phone lines
in residential and business. Operated a DMS-10 computer that I would send tapes to
the bank of Illinois for billing. Cheeseman contruction, we would work on farms from
water lines to repairing livestock equipment. Also residential (jack of all trades).
Electrician, Plumber, Water pumps.

Globle Protection (01/30/1977 - 01/30/1981) - Security Guard
Lafayette, Indiana United States
Supervisor: Gary Jacob - ?; Contact:Yes Have current gun permit
Salary: $7.00 per hour
Hours per week: 40
Duties: Made security rounds at General Foods plant and make sure building was secure.
(General Foods moved out of Lafayette.)

Fairfeild Manufacturing (02/02/1973 - 01/28/1977) - Machinist
Lafayette, Indiana United States
Supervisor: Rosco - ?; Contact:Yes
Salary: $7.00 per hour
Hours per week: 40
Duties: Lathe operator, milling, drillpress. (Was laid off)

Vincennes University (07/25/2008}
Vincennes, Indiana
United States
Degree: - Major: Mfg. Technology
GPA: 3.0

Jefferson High School-Diploma-Class Of 1973

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Production laborer,maintenance,general cleaning,all power tools,
jackhammer,small front end loader,power sweeper,pick,prybar,wheel barrow, brick laying,
conveyors experience,worked in high places, scaffolding building, tourching,eletrician
plumber,backhoe,all warehouse experience,machinist,carpenter,sodering,farm experience.
CDL Class-A, Certificate, At the Michigan center for truck safety.Blueprint reading.
Certificate Word, Excel, PC.Production worker,Production machinery repairs,Machinery
maintenance servicers,Maintenance repairers,General utility,Machine operator,Wire welder
Loading machine operator,Grader,Bulldozer,Scraper,Forklift/Industrial truck operator,
Production supervisor,Employee training,Material planning,Production planning,Equipment
oversight,Safety oriented,Trucking/logistics industry,Multi-task,Self-starter,Working
indoors/outdoors,Good computer skills,Dispatcher,Installation technician,Service technician,
Material handling,Inventory,Ordering,Warehouse,Factory worker.Assembly techinician,
Mechanical techinician.Determine various carrier capabilities, performance and safety standards.
Provide feedback and coordinate shipment status and to various customers.
Expedite shipments by determining the most cost effective manner.
Route shipments; utilize shipment characteristics to include pieces, commodity, weight,
destination and required delivery date; prepare all necessary documents for commercial carrier.
Arrange for the pickup of freight or cargo and iensure delivery.
Document, research and resolve material damages, overages and shortages.
For exported freight, verify the proper Customs Clearance documents meet
specific country's Import requirements where material will be delivered.
Perform tracking, validation, payment, cross-referencing and reconciling
balances for various transportation billings. This includes coordinating with
various commercial carriers, vendors, and various DoD customers to ensure accurate
payment methods; validate payment amounts and the ensure proper use of Transportation Account Codes (TAC).
Research and resolve all problems and rejects within the computer databases.
May utilize Power Track, MTMS-FM, ISLSMIS, ETA, FACTS, and other DoD and commercial carrier
systems to maintain, extract and update data.
CNC Operator. Plan,program,manage,receive,renovate,store,issue,ship and demilitarize.
Scanning equipment,unloading railcars,
explosive handler,unloading and unloading weapons,working with gun powder,
loading shells and bullets,banding equipment,
crew leader.Montitoring of equipment,pumps,gauges,valves and meters in waterflow. Operatedsludge pumps.
Replaced and checked water tanks leaks and proper flow.
Made daily reports.receives, verifies, sorts and classifies, warehouses and issues a variety of excess
hazardous and surplus property; reviews disposal turn-in documents accompanying material
and compares agains material;
identifies sorts and segregates precious metals;
determines the need for special handling and/or special storage of certain property;
operate fork lifts and other material handling equipment.Maintains liaison with generators to schedule turn-ins
to avoid unmanageable fluctuations in workload.Operates a variety of forklift trucks varying in capacity from
2,000-l5,000 pounds up to 168 inches to move,
load and unload, stack or un-stack palletized materials, supplies, and equipment from point of pick up
to designated,location;ensures proper handling to eliminate damage to cargo. Knowledge of technical practice,
knowledge of materials,
knowledge of warehousing practices dexterity and safety.Examples of qualifying experience are: receives, verifies,
sorts and classifies,
warehouses and issues a variety of excess hazardous and surplus property; reviews disposal turn-in documents
accompanying material and compares agains material;identifies sorts and segregates precious metals;
determines the need for special handling and/or special storage of certain property; operate fork lifts and other material handling equipment.
Responsible for the pre-receipt/inspection/receipt/storage/handling of hazardous property. Makes routine determinations through
coordination with turn-in activities if property is a Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) disposal responsibility and if the DRMO
will take only accountability or accountability and custody of the hazardous property. Performs pre-receipt examination of property on site
at the generation point and assures that the receipt documentation is in order, that the container is non-leaking and safe to handle, and that all labels,
placards or other markings are on the property prior to the transportation of that property to the DRMO. Rejects property not meeting
turn-in requirements and coordinates with turn-in activity to assist in correcting those problems. Routinely determines the nature
(e.g. flammable, toxic, acid) and degree of the particular hazard involved. Assures that DRMO turn-in requirements for hazardous property are met.
Performs the hazardous property storage area inspection daily to assure that property is accurately accounted for, identified, stored, and that any necessary
measure is performed to compensate for deteriorated containers. Receives, verifies, sorts and classifies, warehouses, and issues a variety of excess surplus
property including vehicles and large items stored in outdoor storage areas adjacent to the scrap yard and scrap material to include downgraded
usable commodities and equipment from military and civilian agencies. Reviews disposal turn-in document (DTID) accompanying material and compares
data against property. Takes action to have incorrect or incomplete data corrected or completed prior to acceptance for processing, when feasible.
Determines whether an item has commercial value in excess of its basic material content. Downgrades property to scrap as necessary.
Identifies and segregates precious metals. Batch-lots material by demil code and condition and verifies accuracy of demilitarization codes.
Challenges questionable items/codes, and maintains segregated storage of property. Inspects generators' pre-segregation of material.
Sorts material into "clean" and "unclean" categories, considering the presence of two or more metals in the same item.
As required, identifies scrap by visual, spark, chemical, magnetic, and other test methods. Signs documentation for receipt of material and completes input.

Roselyn Reiter 1-812-***-**** Bloomington,IN
Denise Harris 1-812-***-**** Mitchell,IN
Betty Gowins 1-765-***-**** Lafayette,IN