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Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306, United States
February 28, 2011

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Trading Floor Desktop Support

Talented and highly regarded Trading Floor and Market Data Support professional and Team Lead. Effective team and technical lead with outstanding organization, time-management and problem-solving abilities. Strategically manage time and expediently resolve problems for optimal productivity, improvement, and profitability.


Technical Consultant 07/15/2009 – Present

The following are the projects I performed for various financial firms that I worked for during the time period listed above.

• Network and Desktop setup for a trading office. Setup E-mail client using APPRIVER hosted service.

• Install and configure Sterling Pro and Light Speed application for proprietary trading. Setup Risk Management application for monitoring trading activity.

• Created a backup system and procedure for the trading desk sterling Application.

• Rollout Sterling application for a group of NYSE floor traders, to be use as a quote system.

• Install and configure MIXIT OMS and REDI execution platform for Institutional trading.

Listed are the firms I worked for as a Technical Consultant – Raymond C Forbes & Co.NY), Global Research Consortium (NY) IRC Securities (NY) and Blue Ridge Financial (NJ).

Hill Thompson Magid Co. Inc. Division of RBC Capital Markets (Subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada)

Trading Floor Desktop Support 09/30/2000 – 07/15/2009

Responsibilities: Provide application and desktop support for all equity traders in the trading desk as well as support for back office personnel. Additional responsibilities also include Network and TELCO support.

• Application Support

o Trading applications - I am responsible for the installation and trader display configuration of BRASS. Brass is the Order Management System utilize by the traders to manage their incoming orders from different sources such as Broker Dealers and Institutional firms that the firm has relationship.U2 is the execution and Market access system that the traders use to view LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 data as well as access to different routing destinations (i.e. ECN, DARKPOOLS, ALGOS, etc.) I also facilitate the FIX connectivity between our customers OMS or Order Entry system; we were using SunGard Transaction Network for all of our fix connectivity services. I handle all the new FIX connection request, setup meetings and coordinate testing using test stocks. I.e. ZVZZT, ZWZZT, etc Schedule production release accordingly. I also handle any issues on all existing FIX connections such as orders and trade confirmations not being received. Identify FIX messages issues with the FIX vendor and customer FIX connectivity group. I also communicate all production issues, bug fixes, standard and regulatory enhancements of BRASS and U2, We maintain an open item list and hold weekly conference calls with the BRASS account rep so the issues can be communicated properly with their development team. Besides U2 our traders also uses different types of market access system, among those are REALTICK, REDI Plus and Bon Trade System. For research and analytics applications, the traders uses, Bloomberg Professional, Thomson One, News Edge, Knobias and News ware.

o Back office applications

Bronze Proprietary Clearing system – This is a system that Hill Thompson uses to clear all of the firms Broker Dealer trades. This system is maintained using an AS400 mainframe that generates daily reports for Trading, Compliance and Accounting.

NETXPRO Pershing Order Entry system – This is the Order Entry system that Pershing provides for some of the firms Institutional clients orders; Pershing also provide the clearing for this type of orders.

• Desktop Support

o Provide support for all PC issues such as hardware problems, internet connection, e-mail access, blackberry setup, login problems, new application install. Desktop Imaging of new PC to business standards. Test new applications before they go to production. Facilitate rollout of new applications and upgrade.

o Install video card for multiple monitor configuration PC. Upgrade hardware as needed. (I.e. memory, hard drive, etc.). Install Network printer, network scanner, Network copier, NAS and all other network devices that will be shared by users.

o Facilitate new user request information, Login and setup their profile which includes mapping of network drive, mapping of printers. Organize all trading application shortcut to make it easier for the user to launch the apps in the morning.

o I provide support for some of our remote access users that are logs in to the network using Cisco VPN.

• Network Support

o Provide support for all of the point to point connectivity between our vendor network and Hill Thompson network such as installing vendor supplied routers and servers. Coordinate the installation of the vendor supplied routers to the network and ensure proper connectivity between the vendor and the internal LAN.Monitor Internet access and connection between our branch office and our corporate networks. Setup network monitoring tool for each vendor services by sending a ping at a specified time to a device inside the vendor network and also setup automatic e-mail notification when there is an issue with the line.

• TELCO Support

o Provide administration and support for the VBAND/IPC turret system in the trading desk. Program speed dials, setting up direct wire from customer phone system to our turret system. Facilitate all TELCO carriers when installing new lines such as T1, DS3, and POTS line. Extend data lines and telephone lines from TELCO carrier demark to our TELCO closets 110 or 66 block punch down. Report issue and Troubleshoot with TELCO carriers with any line issues, by isolating our network equipment and provide a loop on their line.


1. Implement Bloomberg SSEOMS as a backup Order Management System and Execution/Market Making system with the plan on using this system as our primary OMS. Established connectivity to all ECN, Broker dealer, ALGO systems.

2. Implement EOR (Execution Order Routing) by integrating Bloomberg and BRASS via FIX to be able to received orders from any Bloomberg terminal using the Bloomberg Order Entry system (EMS<go> or EMSX<go>).

3. Implement our own FIX engine and ALGO system using NYFIX FIX engine and SMART Routers. The goal is to consolidating all of our FIX connections and implementing our own Trading strategies.

4. Implement IOI (Indication of Interest) System using Thomson and Bloomberg. This system is fully integrated with our BRASS OMS via FIX.

5. Implement a consolidated database using Microsoft Access for the following:

a. Market Data User application Information – User ID information

b. Vendor List – Contact and application information.

c. Bloomberg Exchanges / Entitlements Inventory – Quarterly review with the Bloomberg users, if they want to continue using the exchanges listed under their Bloomberg account.

d. Network/Communication Lines – T1’s, DS3 Analog lines. Vendor Contact information

e. Asset Inventory – Equipment location and assignments.

Pershing, LLC 06/15/1999 – 09/30/2000

Trading Technology / Desktop Support

1. Provided Desktop and application support to all of the Equity / OTC / Fixed Income and Bond Traders.

2. Perform Upgrades and Rollouts on all of the Trading applications in the trading desk.

3. Report and troubleshoot all system related issues with Market Data Vendors.

4. Participate in all Disaster Recovery Testing.

Education History

MCSE – (Microsoft Certified System Engineer)

• Antares Technology Institute Edison, NJ 1999 – 2000

BSCE – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

• University of the EAST, Manila Philippines – 1982 – 1987


2006 RBC Award of Excellence


Available upon request

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