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Senior IT Professional

Redmond, Washington, 98053, United States
March 27, 2009
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Norman Mainer


• Track record of achievement in senior-level technology positions at Fortune 500 and start-up firms, in permanent and consulting capacities. Heavy emphasis on infrastructure, architecture and software development, particularly in telecom, financial services, health care and CRM.

• Extensive experience in data analysis, and the definition, implementation and improvement of databases, often with significant semi or unstructured components.

• Directed numerous large software development, migration and maintenance teams for both major “shrink-wrap” and custom products.

• Demonstrated success in managing substantial portfolios of concurrent infrastructure and software engineering projects.

• Responsible throughout the entire SDLC (concept to release) for a number of mission-critical, very high-volume, high-availability projects and systems.

• Designed, assembled and managed data centers (including on-going “end-to-end” management, BI/DR planning, QOS administration) and supporting networks. This included creation and/or enforcement of data center and systems operational procedures, asset control, SLAs, monitoring frameworks, “Run Books”, issue escalations and root cause analyses, scorecards and other metrics initiatives for “continuous improvement”.

• Initiated, negotiated and administered IT contracts for hardware, software and services in the multi-million dollar range.

• Management of staff of up to 90 and budgets of up to $30 million per annum.

• Creation and management of in-bound and out-bound Customer Care and Helpdesk operations.


• Program and Project Management

• Database (logical and physical) architecture and storage infrastructure design

• Data Center Implementation and Operations

• Modeling: Traditional ER, UML, BPR, CMM, ITIL, Six Sigma, PMBOK methodologies

• Business Interruption and Disaster Recovery

• Systems and Application Architecture and Development, using traditional and agile approaches (Scrum, XP, DSDM, etc.)

• CRM and Helpdesk

• Taxonomy and “semantic” design, with extensive emphasis on Semi and Unstructured data as well as traditional “well-behaved” schemas

• Vendor and customer contract negotiation and maintenance

• Regulatory Compliance

• Systems and Data Security

• Formal QA methods


Operating Systems: Most common forms of Unix (HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, Digital, etc.) and Microsoft Windows/Windows NT/XP/Vista and Server variants. Some familiarity with MVS and VMS.

Databases: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, Informix and others.

Languages: C, C++, Unix Scripting, PERL, Visual Basic and others. Some Java and C#.

Application Frameworks: .NET, J2EE, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and Dynamo.

Management Frameworks: HP OpenView, CA-Unicenter, SMS and Tivioli.


Telecom, Financial Services (Banking, Brokerage, Payment Systems), Health Services, eCommerce/eBusiness (including Fulfillment and Distribution), Document and Information management, CRM, and Manufacturing.


Product strategy, legal affairs and regulatory supervision, contract negotiation, market research and analysis, customer service operations, development of HR policies and procedures, staff skill development and training, facilities management, warehousing and transportation operations.


March 2008 to Present Private Start-up

CEO and Founder. Developing a start-up firm to exploit novel, proprietary techniques with applications in data verification, tracking of digital article exchange (wired and wireless), security, spam control, historical data analysis and forensics. Designed technical, operational and support foundations. Wrote business, technical, operational and budget plans. Prepared material in pursuit of patents. Made presentations exploring promising funding, licensing and alliance opportunities.

January 2004 to March 2008 Consultant

Provided executive-level consulting services for major firms in data management, program management, technology strategy, applications architecture /migration, infrastructure, applications development/deployment, information security, compliance, and business continuity. Clients have included AT&T/Cingular, Microsoft, Google, T-Mobile and Yahoo!. Key engagements have included:

• September 2007 – March 2008: Architecture Evangelist for world’s largest software firm, headquartered in Redmond, WA. Responsible for assisting key global ISVs in identifying and utilizing the latest technologies, and/or preparing for the forthcoming releases of new versions/services. Managed a portfolio of approximately 100 ISVs in a wide variety of industries.

• October, 2006 – April, 2007: Program Manager for major new software license initiative for one of the world’s largest software firms. This program included license inventory, supply-chain accounting, improved piracy controls, significant channel customization and geographic localization. Was significant individual contributor to both new data models and use cases.

• April, 2006 – September, 2006: Lead Analyst for the “ground-up” re-write of the principal ordering/fulfillment/CRM systems used by the principal supplier of pharmaceutical sampling. This work also included requirements gathering, data modeling and re-hosting plans, and evaluation of software vendors.

• May, 2005 – October, 2005: Program Manager for the de novo requirements definition, functional and technical design of a Web-based tool to be used by customers of the world’s leading software firm to access and maintain a highly-dynamic body of complex support documentation covering most of their major software products globally.

• January, 2005 – May, 2005: Program Manager for deployment of significant mission-critical upgrades to a large, core wireless service application.

• August, 2004 – January, 2005: Program Manager for design and delivery of a Web-enabled tool for a global, user-customizable delivery of the COBIT™ IT governance framework library for the world’s largest software firm.

• January, 2004 – August 2004: Project Manager for sustaining engineering of AT&T/Cingular’s core billing and CRM system. This included server and database upgrades and relevant data center operational changes as well as application software support.

March 2003 to January 2004 UBmatrix, LLC

Chief Technology Officer. Company is widely recognized as the world leader in XBRL, a sophisticated XML variant developed to provide important semantic capabilities for semi/unstructured data. Responsible for “green-field” creation of the entire IT department (data center and other infrastructure, staffing, tools, procedures and SDLC). Made numerous presentations to customers and standards bodies. Also involved with the other founders in general business planning and fundraising.

March 2002 to March 2003 MicroThread Industries, Inc.

Chief Technology Officer. Early-stage start-up developing advanced technology for digital article management functions, including watermarking, proof of performance/delivery, validation, discovery, chain of possession and transport behavior/QOS analysis. Responsible for core R&D, product design/prototyping, hardware specification and procurement, general business planning, fundraising and operations.

January 2001 to October 2001 Netstock Corporation (now ShareBuilder)

Chief Technology Officer. Firm is market leader in supplying online low-cost brokerage services. Responsible for all activities related to the use of IT, including recruiting and management of IT staff, evaluation and procurement of technology, design, development, QA and deployment of all company products and services, and enhancement and supervision of 7 x 24 data center operations. With the C.E.O. and C.F.O., successfully raised $23 million in third-round financing under difficult market conditions.


January 2000 to January 2001 HotOffice Technologies, Inc.

Chief Technology Officer and Vice-President of Technology. Also served as C.O.O. for an interim period. Firm was the world leader in Web-based “virtual” office productivity functions. Responsible for all activities related to the use of IT throughout the organization, especially new data center build-out and improvements to existing infrastructure, design, development and integration of company software, supervision of systems maintenance and operations, and management of the firm’s internal and external support division. Was key participant in third-round funding effort, which included more than 30 presentations nationally and abroad.

January 1999 to January 2000 Interactive Search, Inc.

Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering. Firm was the world leader in use of the Internet for the capture, storage and retrieval of résumé & job-posting data, with approximately 16 Terabytes of production data. Company products and services were offered as a turnkey ASP out-source solution, or as a licensed set of Web, text processing and database software modules. Managed staff of 90 with an annual budget of approximately $14 million. Also served as the senior executive responsible for all data center procurement and operations, and facilities and asset management. Accountable for all technical aspects of $20 million second-round funding activities.

January 1996 to January 1999 Wells Fargo and Company

VP of Architecture and Technologies. Reported directly to the CIO and the President. Managed division with 60 staff and budget averaging $28 million. My division’s responsibilities included data center and IT standards and practices, specification of products and services for use throughout the organization, integrated product planning, technical audits, systems and operations management, modeling and planning tools and techniques, call center design and operations management, business continuity and Year 2000 remediation. Was personally responsible for the architecture and deployment of the Wells Fargo Internet Bank, which was the world’s largest at the time of my departure.

April 1995 to January 1996 Visa International

Principal Technical Architect. Led comprehensive integration of some 130 independent Client/Server projects. Responsibilities included business process re-engineering, establishment of IT standards/practices and product evaluation criteria, implementation of systems management and monitoring frameworks, budgeting, contract and vendor management and integration lab operations. Was also principal Technical Architect for the Visa National Processing Initiative, a Unix-based “Next Generation” approach to card transaction processing.

July 1991 to April 1995 AT&T Wireless Communications, Inc.

Senior Systems Architect and Program Manager. Consulted for the "Axys" project. This very large-scale project was chartered to conceptualize, design and implement a comprehensive Technical Architecture for computing, allowing for the migration of mission-critical applications from a large IBM Mainframe platform to a heterogeneous Unix Client/Server environment. Responsibilities included design, coding, testing and maintenance of software, QA, preparation of technical portions of RFPs, and evaluation of major vendor hardware and software products.

September 1990 to November 1993 Dataworks, Inc.

Senior Consultant and Project Manager. Firm was a national leader in high-volume Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, Conveyor Control and Shipping systems. Responsible for the design and installation of large, real-time manufacturing/materials handling/warehousing systems. Full authority over budget and staff needed to negotiate contracts and deliver projects. Clients included Harry and David, L.A. Gear, 3M, Nike and Stanley Hardware.

August 1988 to August 1990 Cellular Technical Services

Senior Director, Systems. Company was the world leader in after-market cellular telephone service enhancement systems. Managed systems manufacturing, QA, installation, configuration and field support. Responsible for the design and implementation of the firm’s custom hardware/software solutions, QA and post-deployment support (including remote alarming and fault resolution) and downtime prediction modeling.

April 1985 to August 1988 Revelation Technologies, Inc.

Technical Projects Manager and Co-owner. Firm was a major PC database software house. Responsible for project management and contract negotiation with OEM clients and key customers, strategic planning, feasibility studies. Managed two (10,000+ labor-hours) projects through full lifecycle (requirements to post-shipment support).


University of Washington

B.S. (Computer Science) and B.A. (Philosophy); both 1980. Post-graduate work in Artificial Intelligence.