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contract, assistant, administrator, procurement, analyst, purchasing

Silsbee, Texas, 77656, United States
18.50 HR
June 03, 2011
Contact Info:

Norvil Sims

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Silsbee, TX *****

HM 409-***-****

Cell 409-***-****


Compliance investigator, customer service, administrator, good organization, inventory management, bank statement reconciliation, Procurement Analyst (FAR/DFAR/VAR), double entry accounting, DFAS reconciliation, accounts payable, tracking of funds, contract closeout, invoice auditing, utilize various computers, Windows 95/98/XP/7, HTML editor, webmaster, SEO management, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Lotus Suite, internet research, filing, email, scanning documents, electronic filing, office equipment, manipulation of data, install software application, spreadsheets, trainer, presentations, and interviewer.


Contract Administrator

-administered the terms and conditions of 150-250 contracts with Defense Logistics Agency

-coordinated with buying command Contract Officers and Program Managers receipt of new contracts

-prepared contract modifications

-evaluated and monitored contractor performance

-performed contract closeout (utilized Defense Logistics Agency procedures, forms, DFAS processing, contacted other agencies for closure of GSA, Air Force, and Army contracts confirmed customer final delivery of goods and services, generated closeout reports, assisted auditing of remaining inventory and property)

-evaluated technical and audit reports

-conducted post award conferences

-administered progress payments

-recommended and issued contract changes

-monitored contractor performance for compliance with contract clauses, delivery schedule, payment provisions, data reporting requirements

-analyzed contract funds status reports and issued appropriate recommendations to contracting officer

-coordinated with contracting officer to obtain additional funds or de-obligate funds if contractor’s performance varied from original contract

-coordinated with buying office any contractor’s request for waivers or deviations from contract terms and payment requests to assure compliance

-maintained records for status of various contract administration actions

-confirmed production is complete and money problems are resolved before recommending final closeout

-confirmed processing of final vouchers or invoices in preparation for closeout

-negotiated partial settlements

-ensured shipment and delivery requirements

-resolved contractor payment problems

-audited, investigated, reconciled funds, accounting status, and modifications preparing contracts for close out

-utilized Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Navy Regulations, Army Regulations, rules and policies within Department of Defense

-used computer, Microsoft Office, Windows 95/NT, email, Laser printer, DLA LAN system, FAX, copier, internet for research, ACO module, and electronic data workflow.

Procurement Analyst

-provided procurement analytical support at the Eastern Region I Modified Contract Service Center (MCSC) for 10 Veteran Affairs Medical Centers

-provided analytical support to consummate procurements for services, commodities, medical equipment, medical supplies, ADP, and communications

-identified commodities and services for potential consolidation of contracts to contain costs or cost avoidance

-analyzed items from multiple medical centers, determined source or vendor, historical usage, medical centers using items, if items may be utilized for consolidated procurement

-made presentations of findings to MCSC group after analyzing purchases for potential consolidated procurement

-prepared cost containment reports from historical generated items summarizing the data from multiple medical centers

-produced numerous spreadsheets, received reports from medical centers and manipulated data in Word Perfect and Lotus

-received reports from medical centers via email, downloaded to PC for manipulation in word perfect and lotus

-performed fact finding assistance for contracting officers

-tracked status of pre-award and post award contracts, data of award and cost, analyzed existing contracts for problems and recommended solutions and modifications to consolidate contracts

-developed database to compile items and contracts

-communicated and coordinated work with other medical center contracting officers to obtain information relative to consolidated contracts

-assisted Contracting Officer assemble contracts using FAR and VAAR, Request for Information (RFI), Information for Bid (IFB), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), and contacted vendors

-trained contract specialists to use automated FAR and CBD

-used computer, Lotus Suite, Word Perfect, laser printer, VA LAN system, email.

Contract Monitor

-observed, evaluated, and analyzed contractor performance based on accumulated data for Quality Assurance Evaluator/Contract Monitor advisory actions and made recommendations

-performed the duties of Publishing Distribution Office (PDO) Manager, as a result of contractor not performing PDO functions and contractor defaulting

-supervised and delegated duties for 2-4 military and civilian personnel to accomplish the mission of the PDO

-monitored contractor performance to ensure proper and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations utilizing the Automated Publication Distribution Office System (PDOS)

-developed quality assurance inspection schedules

-performed inspections utilizing random sampling

-investigated customer complaints and deficiencies

-identified inadequacies and requested corrective action

-prepared monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually scheduled reports

-installed updated versions of computer programs for PDOS

-prepared reports and acted as a liaison between contractor and customers receiving services

-installed PC applications associated with Automated Publication Distribution Office System (PDOS)

-installed “paperless processing” for acquisition of forms and publications: wrote procedures, trained customer and federal contractor

-implemented and wrote “statement of work” for the automated PDO

-conducted training for contractor: use computer, data entry, filling acquisitions for customers, clearing acquisitions from system, using Publishing Distribution Office System (PDOS) database, tape drive and floppy back up

-conducted training for automated PDO operation

-conducted customer training: use of proper acquisition, importance of updated customer account record, opening and closing customer accounts

-communicated using email, telephone, and correspondence with upper management, contract officer, military enlisted and officers, PDO customers, and other Air Force installations

-utilized Enable 2.0, Word Perfect 5.1, LOTUS, Harvard Graphics, VAX/VMS Air Force LAN system and PDO software to perform computer related activities.


-analyzed daily coding of debit and credit accounting distribution for data input

-used double entry accounting procedures according to Trans World Airlines accounting procedures

-met daily deadline reporting cash available in the bank accounts to the Department Director

-maintained, balanced, audited, and reconciled accounting records

-audited accounting records to verify accuracy and determine proper adjustments and special entries

-entered accounting data using NCR and IBM computers, which calculated balances for the general ledger and banking system

-prepared and verified accounting statements and reports

-assisted achieving month-end bank and accounting balances in excess of $200M-$250M from the daily accounting data entries

-audited bank charges and coded proper accounting distribution for data input

-analyzed, recorded transactions, balanced and reconciled statements of accounting data

-prepared profit and loss reports and statistical reports

-generated reports from 0-112 data input such as stations, number of passenger miles, cities to and from, flight time between cities, delay codes, type of aircraft, cargo pounds and tons, flight numbers scheduled and unscheduled, liquor taxes and landing fees

-assisted industrial engineers with time studies and special projects

-assisted a special analysis group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia accumulate data to arrive at a 12/31/68 closing trial balance for Saudi Arabian Airlines

-investigated posting memos, general ledger, and journals, accounting documents and analyzed other relative data

-analyzed reports, reconciled accounts and interpreted TWA accounts

-audited other airline billing invoices utilizing domestic and international tariffs

-used mileage charts and arithmetic formulas to prorate TWA and other airline tickets; proper accounting distribution was applied and processed

-assisted with the mail desk

-performed control on work done in the department and other clerical duties

-trained employees to code 0-112's properly which involved cargo loads, type of aircraft, delays and miscellaneous assistance

-assisted with special projects


Charter Oak State College, New Britain, CT, Major: Human Services Administration, 1991, BS

DAWIA Level 1 Contract Certification


Received Outstanding Merit Award from Dept. of Labor

Received Air Force Outstanding Intermediate Civilian Information Manager Award

Received Outstanding Merit Award from Dept. of the Air Force

Received Outstanding Merit Award from Dept. of Veteran Affairs


Honorable Discharge

Introduction – Cover Sheet

I have acquired a wide variety of skills, abilities, and knowledge. Let’s talk about what you would like to accomplish or the project you have in mind. I am interested in the job you have posted on the Internet. Because of my background as Contract Administrator, Procurement Analyst, Contract Monitor, and Accounting I believe I can help.


Email: outlook, yahoo, gmail; Internet Browser: seamonkey, ms explorer, mozilla, chrome, Netscape; Networking/LAN; Novell; Peripheral Devices: scanners, printers, faxing; Personal Computers: dell, Compaq, gateway, hp; Spreadsheet Software: lotus, excel; Word Processing: ms word, WordPerfect; Other: accounting, auditing, bank reconciliation, purchasing, quality control, contract monitor, contract administration, compliance investigation, contract closeout, procurement analyst, inventory management, property management, Microsoft office suite, manipulate data, administrator, database administrator, convert pfd file, convert doc file, presentations, interviews, records management, verbal communication and writing.

Work History Job Titles:

Office Manager: Sportrating LLC, Orange, TX

Webmaster: Silsbee, TX and Orange, TX

Program Manager: Veterans Administration, Temple, TX

Oral English Teacher: Korea and China

Procurement Buyer: General Services Administration, Kansas City, MO

Contract Administrator: Defense Logistics Agency, Kansas City, MO

Procurement Tech: Defense Logistics Agency, Kansas City, MO

Program Assistant: Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Kansas City, MO

Patient Services Assistant: Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Kansas City, MO

Legal Tech: Resolution Trust Corp., Overland Park, KS

Procurement Analyst: Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Bedford, MA

Contract Monitor: Dept. of the Air Force, Hanscom AFB, MA

Equal Opportunity Specialist: Dept. of Labor, Hartford, CT

Accounting Tech: Dept. of the Navy, Groton, CT

Accountant/Auditor: Trans World Airlines, Kansas City, MO


Guaranteed minimum of 9+ months or more binding contract


$15 - $35.00+ per hour or more, depending on the project


State of Texas

International – negotiable – Have worked in France(military), Saudi Arabia(TWA), China/Korea(Oral English Teacher)


Telephone: HM409-385-5639, Tues/Thur. 8:30AM-5:00PM

Cell Phone: 409-***-****, Mon., Wed., Fri. – 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Skype: with webcam - all-sport1