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Access Control Customer Service

Lexington, South Carolina, United States
March 14, 2014
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Lexington • South Carolina 29072

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International industrial business, marketing and manufacturing consultant with solid experience. Supervised engineering

and production of highly sophisticated vault access timing devices. Developed six new lines of sport compasses.

Developed whole line of Praying Carpets to pray in direction of Mecca. Created all sales, exhibitions and marketing

materials. Worked with and supervised highly trained personnel. Managed up to 700 employees.

Customer Service • Branding • Internet Marketing • Public Relations • Merchandising • Ecommerce

Distribution • Inventory Management • Logistics • Outsourcing • Procurement / Purchasing • Vendor Relations

Assembly Automation • Cost Reduction • Scheduling • Budgeting • Cost Accounting • Cost / Benefit Analysis

Expense Control • Financial Analysis • Change Management • Consulting • International Business • Product Marketing

Joint Ventures • P&L • Project Management • Restructuring • Start Ups / Turnarounds • Strategic Planning

Team Leadership / Motivation • Process Improvement • Employee / Labor Relations • Recruiting

Training / Development • Workforce Planning • Policy Development • Performance Management

Employee Engagement • Needs Assessment • Process Improvement • Business Development • Event Planning

Account / Territory Management • Client Relations • Negotiations • Market Analysis • Presentations

Publicity • International Exhibition • Shows

VAUCHER CONSULTING • Macolin, Switzerland • 10/1990 to end 2013

International consulting company.

Managing Director

Perform manufacturing site studies for factory floors, ventures, acquisitions, licensing, negotiations and financial

analysis. Perform feasibility studies, define market sizes and penetration. Evaluate the competition and recommend best

possible distribution channel. Manage product launch, supervise advertising campaigns and select key personnel.


• Began business from ground floor in collaboration with Schlaefli Consulting Neuchâtel, and the State Bern Industrial

Chamber. Interacted with three different state agencies for market and development improvement and developed

contacts through out France and Germany.

• Assisted two German companies in establishing their Swiss operation including acquisition of personal.

• Assisted a French company in acquiring licenses of new Swiss products and trained them for distribution.

• A manufacturing set-up for a corrugated tin and metal production in the Ivory Coast.

• Managed site studies, searched for factory floor space and selected key personnel.

GENEVOISE INSURANCE • Bienne, Switzerland • 1/1987 to 11/1989

Company offers life, car, health, home, fire insurance products and other services, founded in 1872.

General Agent for Bienne & environment

Sought out a location to build a new agency. Hired, trained, evaluated and when needed terminated sales agents.

Calculated and printed all quotes for insurances.


• Began this agency from ground floor in conjunction with mother company main office.

• Built agency to stability with three agents and million dollars in premiums.



HASLER AG - WEIGHING SYSTEM • Colombier, Switzerland • 2/1985 to 8/1987

Weigh belt feeders for granular and systems in mild- or stainless steel execution.

R&D Managing Director

Developed new process method for computer control of weighing. Supervised European R & D departments and

assisted with new technologies implementation. Set goals and defined priorities in using main R & D. Assisted sales

staff on international level for weighing, usually in the cement industry, and new process control with existing and new



• Overcame a problem of lack of coordination between all international R&D and lack of new ideas. Synchronized all

R&D with mother R&D. Developed project to reduce the dust emission for conveyors and weighing units and

improved local application.

HASLER AG - FAVAG AG • Neuchatel, Switzerland • 8/1980 to 12/1984

Switzerland's largest telecommunications company.

Telex & Access Control Manager

Response to problems on the telex level and negotiated with governmental software engineers for correction, or

modification of technical problems and adaption to software used in other countries. Developed all new access control

infrastructures and supervise software engineers for new customer specification. Supervised and implemented time and

access control for a large Nestlé plant for approximately 400 people and laboratories. Introduced new ID cards and new

swivel access control units.


• Discovered an inefficiency of DEC PDP software development department and poor customer services, and

spearheaded development of special software for access control. Instituted new training of engineers, better

definition of customer need and better integration of specific construction to be adapted specifically to customers,

developing special swivel units with high security level access card and for time control.

• Introduced new access control monitoring for a brand new center development for Nestle for 400 personnel.

RECTA WATCH MANUFACTURE SA - BULOVA WATCH CO • Bienne - Switzerland • 2/1974 to 4/1980

Originally manufactured chronographs, manufactured first compass in a pocket watch housing in 1914. Producer of

famous Swiss Army Compass since 1941

General Manager & CEO

Reported to General Assembly of Shareholders and Board with increasing goals, budgeting and new products. Doubled

sport products sales in several years in the row. Introduced all new computer calculation for price calculation, production

evaluation and supervision, accounting and human services. Defined market sizes and possible market penetration.

Evaluated competition and made recommendations of most suitable distribution channels. Interacted with more than 700

workers, employees, and engineers. Introduced a fully automated assembly line to produce 800,000 watches per year.

Dealt with all purchasing, production-planning, hiring and termination of personal. Responsible for radiation and nuclear

application according to Swiss law.


• Improved manufacture production watches from 150,000 to 800,000. Increased new specific customer line for time

keeping devices. Developed 6 new line of compasses and took them to market. Invested in new manufacturing base

production units and had a half automatized assembly line for 800,000 units per year. Became more involved with

US companies for vault protection including Yale, Diebold, Mosler, and produced specific mechanical time keeping

devices with Saint-Blaise Movements Company, Switzerland, and others

• Produced first mechanical insulin self injection device.

• Produced first frigorific truck mini paper temperature recorder

• Faced competition from the Pacific Rim, developed and sold over 200,000 mini cross orienteering compasses and

several new items for orienteering, diving with depth indicator.

• Decreased production prices by a factor of three to reach $15 million per year, as opposed to previous 60,000 for

$10 million. Doubled production in four years to reach $4 million.




Certification in Electronics – Mechanics

ETH – Zurich, Switzerland

Recta - Bulova Mechanical Institute


Business School Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland


About Access and Time Control


Microsoft Office Suite

MSDos, Prolog, C+

Many specific application softwares


High level military marksman

Concealed weapons permit holder


French, German, English, Swiss-German, Italian, little Spanish


Chamber of Commerce Lexington SC

BNI Lexington Chapter

Swiss Fraternity Zofingue

Bienne Industrial Society