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Engineer Mechanical

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Country: Philippines
Posted date: 11/15/2013   all resumes
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L* Block ** Deca Homes,Cabantian,Davao City, Philippines
Mobile No. +966558439729 /roaming#09478727738 & 09212621233
Skype: haroldgregsuerto

Licensed Mechanical Engineer
PRC No. 0068770
Ratings 72.85% (passed)
Registration Date July 31, 2007


From To Position Company
02/14/12 present Consultant Mechanical Engineer Project House For
Engineering Consulting
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1. Mechanical Consultant Inspector Engineer.
2. QA/QC (MFPPS) Mechanical fire protection, plumbing & sanitary Engineer.
3. Mechanical site supervisor Engineer.
4. Consult/lead construction team.
5. Conversant in formulation/preparation of feasibility project report.
6. Make comparison of the main parameter of a new project within a similar
Data of an existing units.
7. Capable to interact with the Top Management for strategic planning for
industrial growth of the company.
8. Implementing & formalized project plan schedule which includes regular site
visiting and monitoring.
9. Prepare site memo and give verbal instructions for piping /mechanical works
to coordinated and to be finished by sub-contractors.
10. Controlling of construction progress to be ahead of the project schedule &
Preparing for constructions procedures.
11. Understand the broad parameter in a project proposal.
12. Attending, managers/consultants meeting and coordinating to each
department and sub-contractors regarding for construction, maintenance
including QHSE for our people/labors.

From to position company
03/05/11 02/07/12 Mechanical/Field Engineer Makati Dev’t Corp.
Ground Floor, Bonifacio
Technology Center
st nd
31 St. Cor. 2 Ave.,
Bonifacio, Global City,
Taguig 1634 Metro
Manila, Philippines

1. Plumbing and Fire Protection Coordinator Engineer
2. HVAC, Installation Engr.
3. Quantity Surveyor Engr.
4. Analyzes data such as customer proposal specification and manual to
Determined and the feasibility of the design.
5. Directs fabrication and installation activities to ensure product conform to
Designed and specification of the customer.
6. Ensures the implementation of quality plans and objectives of the
department and project.
7. Ensures the compliance of all requirements prior to the work execution of
any scope of works.
8. Coordinates all operation maintenance and repair activities to obtain
optimum utilization.
9. Supervises all works of sub-contractors and other related activities to
ensure quality.
10. Performs tasks in accordance with the process defined in the company
QEHSMS Manual.
11. In charges and supervising mechanical and electro-mechanical product
and systems.
12. Assists in the preparation of Project Monthly Status Report.

13. Ensures proper compliance under the given specification especially in
mechanical works.
14. Prepares the reports to update his/her supervisor and all sub-contractors
regarding accomplishments and work status.

From To Position Company
09/28/08 09/28/2010 Mechanical Engr. (MODA) Ministry of defense &
Aviation, Engineering and
Housing directorate Royal
Saudi Air defense Forces,


1. Preparing all over schemes such as sewer improvements,water network,
Fire protection, piping, plumbing, HVAC and all related mechanical works-
the scale of design may range from an initial outline to a full detailed

2. To perform engineering duties in prevention, control and remediation of
environmental hazards using various engineering disciplines .
3. Preparing the tender documents as a basis for construction of projects .
4. Monitoring the progress of project from beginning to end, from feasibility
stage to design through construction and handover.
5. Controlling that the budget at project level.
6. Preparing power tools, generators and other machinery while maintaining
quality standards and regular test runs.
7. Performing,piping lay-outs, pipe routings and other related works through
knowledge of ASME,API,ANSI Codes and Standards.
8. Preparing deliverables list and engineering man-hour estimates.
9. Preparing plans, estimates & bill of materials in irrigation system in
SHAROURAH, Military City K. S. A.
10. Computing the horsepower rating of multi-stage centrifugal pump &
booster pump to be use on the project.
11. Computing the fuel consumption in each caterpillar engines in the
generator and dimension of fuel tank to be used in each engine.
12. Computing the horsepower power rating & TONS OF REFRIGERATION on
each building use for package type, centralize air conditioning unit &
desert cooler for the workshop area to be used.

1. In power plant I used American Standard pipe materials and pipe code
especially the color coding of power plant based on American Society for
testing and materials specification, chemical and physical properties of
pipe materials are given and tabulated in pipe schedule.
For piping materials and their uses as much of the materials which follows
is based on the American Standard of Association (ASA) code for pressure
pipings, valves, fittings and flanged materials.
Nonferrous materials including copper and brass I used and based on size
of pipe are generally use in size 3 inches and smaller for fluids corrosive to
ferrous materials.
Copper is limited to 460F, brass or bronze 500F, cast iron was formerly
used in size of 3 inches upward for steam and water lines at pressure
below 25 psi, temperature 450F.
Valves, fittings and flanged materials, I used Dimensional Standard
materials specification of American standard for wrought iron and wrought
steel pipe, for nonferrous valves, cast iron, malleable iron, carbon and alley
steel but it depends upon the standard temp. and pressure of materials
based on American Society for testing materials and specification.
For specific requirements of the code for pressure piping for steam
pressure 25 to 1500psig, temp. 450F to 1000F pipe, for in excess pressure
250 to 400psig pipe shall be seamless steel in accordance with ASTM that I
used for electric fusion welded, for steam pressure 250 to 400psi pipe shall
be lap welded I used seamless or electric fusion welded.

From To Position Company
Apr. 16, 2008 – Aug. 31, 2008 Boiler Tender & Davao Central Chemical Corp.
Dryer Tender Km.19,TIBUNGCO,DAVAO,
CITY, Philippines


1. To control the boiler either manual or automatic devices which maintain the
pressure of the boiler, by the use of centrifugal fan damper opening, which
maintain the desire boiler operating conditions with respect to variables
such as feed water, flow firing rate and stream temperature.
2. To maintain the boiler feed water up to zero parts per million (ppm) by
softening the raw water condition by using brine salt instead of HCL
3. By mixing the chemical together with kalgen chemical, kurin power
chemical and oxynon chemical every first shift of a day.
4. To blow down the boiler every one hour by using blow down valve, to
minimize the parts per million (ppm) of softened water when get inside to
the boiler.
5. Also that the impurities settled in the mud drum are removed. Sometimes
called “blow off valve”.
6. To soot blow the boiler every hours to allow the ash remove to the boiler
tube and drum, and vent to the atmosphere.
7. To soot blow, so that which uses steam or compressed air to removed the
soot that has accumulated in the boiler tubes and drums.

(ROTARY DRYER) dryer 101 & dryer 01 (ROTATING AND STATIC)
1. To control the temperature of the dryer by the use of inlet damper opening
and outlet damper opening or else by adding or subtracting the converter
load of the dryer.
2. In terms of production we maintain the temperature of dryer 101 to 170 0c-
1900c and 1500C-1700C of dryer 1 together with the product ORDINARY
3. We can monitor also the temperature of rotary dryer by using of thermo
couple in inlet damper and outlet damper.

From To Position Company
Oct. 02, 2007 – Dec. 15, 2007 Equipment Pool RJS Industrial Construction
and Safety Engr. PHILIPPINES


1. Doing prevented maintenance pre-shift check-up operation and training
once in a week of all heavy equipment.
2. Conduct safety inspection in the work place third Friday of each month and
to defined as the monitoring function conducted to locate the potential
hazard for unsafe physical condition and unsafe practices.
3. Conduct of regular periodic inspections to ensure that my co-workers
remain in fire safe condition.
From To Position Company
Oct. 15, 2002 – July 8, 2006 Project Engr. & J.J SUERTO Architect & Partner
Project Inspector MARANDING, LALA, LANAO
DEL NORTE, Philippines.

1. Supervisor in building const., activities plan making supervise by Arch.
Joel A. SUERTO, 8th place Architectural Board Examination last June 1998.
2. Estimator in vertical & horizontal const. in civil works, in charge also in
structural supervisor.
3. Also as a construction safety & health for site safety officer.

From To Position Company
Mar. 10, 1995 – Apr. 9, 2001 Installation Engr. CRISABEL, Metallurgical Works,
TANGUB CITY, Philippines


1. In charged in const. of mechanical plan, estimates, machine foundation &
mechanical equipment lay-out of the apparatus like: rice mill, corn Sheller
& hammer mill.
2. To compute the HP rating of the electric motor to drive the apparatus & to
compute the KVA of transformer to be used. Usually in 3 phase or V phase
3. To supervise the manufacturing of the apparatus in fabricating, making
some drawings depend on the capacity of the output of the product.
4. To maintain cleanliness in the workplace in order the safeness of my co-
workers examples: electrical safety, fire safety specially in manual handling
the machinery.
From To Position Company
Mar. 01, 1991 – Nov. 24, 1995 Paymaster/Draftsman Jube Builders
Field Supervisor Kolambugan, Lanao del
Norte, Philippines


In charge drawing in building & residential plan.
In charge in drafting of structural analysis & field supervisor
Making bill of materials to be used in estimating & costing of the project
Purchasing Engr. & Expediter of the materials.

SEMINAR : Occupational Safety & Health
BWC – DOLE ACCREDITATION No. 1030-980***-****
Held at HOLCOM PHILIPPINES INC. Bo. Ilang, Davao City
Conducted by: SAFETY HOUSE INC.
October 8 – 12, 2007

: Construction Safety & Health for Site Safety Officer
BWC – DOLE ACCREDITATION No. 1030-990***-****
Held at MTRC, Bajada, Davao City
Conducted by: Department of Trade & Industry
(Construction Manpower Development Foundation)
October 15 – 19, 2007

: One day Occupational Safety and Health Awareness Training
Held at Davao Central Chemical Corporation
Km. 19 Tibungco, Davao City
Conducted by: Department of Labor & Employment
Jun 28, 2008

: Promotion of Safety Against Fire & Emergency Seminar
Held at Davao Central Chemical Corporation
Km. 19, Tibungco, Davao City
Conducted by: Bureau of Fire Protection
Davao City Fire District
August 4 – 8, 2008

: Promotion of Safety Against Fire & Emergency Training
(Application of First Aid, Basic Like support and Basic Fire
Held at Davao Central Chemical Corporation
Km. 19 Tibungco, Davao City
Conducted by: Bureau of Fire Protection
Davao City Fire District
August 4 – 8, 2008

CENTER INC.”IWCF –Accredited Training Center Ph347
IADC-Accredited Training Center W006
( TESDA Accredited Training Center
Registered no.13-013)

*Introduction To Basic Oilwell Technology
(July 31-Aug.10,2006)
*Basic Training Program For Drilling Personnel
(July 31-Aug.26,2006)
*Introduction To Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)/SCBA
*IADC Rigpass Orientation & Basic Safety Awareness
(Including Slinger & Banman Safety Measure)
*First Aid At Oil & Gas Drilling Rig
*Orientation In the prevention Of Marine Pollution by Oil


College : Misamis University, Ozamis City, Philippines
Course : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
October 13, 1991
Training Course : Autocad (Computer College Technology)
Jun 13 – July 25, 2005

Age : 45 years old
Place of Birth : Tubod, Lanao del Norte
Date of Birth : December 27, 1967
Civil Status : Married
Name of Spouse : Rosemarie Loyloy Suerto
Name of Child : Harold Greg L. Suerto
Religion : Roman Catholic
Sex : Male
Citizenship : Filipino
Height : 5’5”
Weight : 145 lbs.
Father’s Name : Mr. Gregorio A. Suerto
Occupation : Auto Mechanic
Mother’s Name : Mrs. Lydia N. Suerto
Occupation : Housekeeper
SSS No. : 08-1295198-1
Passport No. : XX1719804
Expired Date : July 30, 2013


Practicing Architect
Maranding, Lala, Lanao del Norte
Philippines / Mobile No. +639088888930

Civil Engr. (Structural Engr.)
Calamba, Misamis Occidental
Phils. Mobile No. +639269175968

Practicing Mechanical Engr.
Sta. Cruz, Tangub City, Phils.
Mobile No. +639185305636

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