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Product Development Engineer- RF Microwave Circuits & Fitlers Design

Montclair, New Jersey, United States
October 28, 2013
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Montclair New Jersey (551) ***-****


Electronics System Design Engineer with over 14 years of experience in

designing Test & Measurement Instruments that consist of Analog, Mixed

Signal, RF circuits, voltage regulation circuits design, Signal Integrity,

Multi Layer Printed Circuit Boards, FPGA design methodology, EMI mitigation

techniques, along with extensive component, board and system level

troubleshooting experience. Proven capability with high speed design

methodology and with all aspects of board level design cycles including

research, design, schematic capture, layer stack-up definition, high speed

signal simulation, HFSS (3D Electromagnetic finite element analysis)

simulations, board layout and post layout analysis. Creative engineer with

a keen ability to assess and conceptualize new designs, and recognized as a

subject matter expert in support and mentoring of new team members.


Circuit Design: Analog & Mixed Signal, RF & Microwave, Microcontroller,

FPGA, Multi layer PCB Design, Power Supply design: - Low Dropout Regulators

(LDO) and DC-DC converters

Package Design: Flip Chip BGA, LGA, Ceramic and Organic Package

Simulation & Design Software: HFSS, Ansys Designer, SIwave, PSpice,

Hyperlynx, and Cadence Allegro

Lab Equipment: Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, TDR, Vector Network

Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer

Interface Protocols: Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, PCIE


TELEDYNE LECROY, Chestnut Ridge, NY. 1999 -


Product Development Engineer

Designed, analyzed and debugged Analog, Mixed Signal, and RF

Electronics circuits. Managed projects, generated project plan,

verification & validation plans, and item specification, and cost

estimates. Schematic entry, guided PCB layout, and worked directly

with sub-system partners and contract manufacturers for design and

integration of technology components, manufacturing and assembly of

PCB, PCAs, and subsystem assemblies.

Relevant Projects Designed & Implemented

. Back plane for the purpose of evaluation and validation of a custom

high speed digital trigger chip. This board connects standard off

the shelf ADCs, DDR3 memory using the custom trigger chip to a

conventional microprocessor via PCIE link to create a complete

digital oscilloscope acquisition system. It also included power

regulation circuits, voltage monitoring circuits, and a

microcontroller. The result of this design is pending future


. Data acquisition multi layer PC boards up to 20GHz input BW and 80GSPS

sample rate per channel. These data acquisition boards consist of Low

Noise Track & Hold Amplifier, high-speed ADC, Acquisition Memory, DC-DC

converters, LDOs, and other monitoring devices. These acquisition boards

are being used in several LeCroy's high end digital oscilloscopes. (Seven

different projects)

. Evaluation testers for Front End Amplifiers, ADCs, Memory chips, Track &

Hold Amplifiers that included power supply regulation circuits and other

control circuits. These parts are used in various types of LeCroy

oscilloscopes, and the evaluation board designs were migrated to the

intended oscilloscope design saving the company design time, evaluation

effort, and money.

. Fast Edge Step signal source with a 40ps rise time and very low jitter.

This signal source is being used on every high speed scope that LeCroy

makes, and it helps the user from having to find a Fast Edge Signal


. Logic Analyzer Active Probe that included State Mode Clock inputs with a

1 ns minimum pulse width specification as part of a Mixed Signal

Oscilloscope design and development.

. Scope Synchronization Trigger Module to synchronize two oscilloscopes by

providing a high speed common trigger signal to both instruments via this

module. This allowed (telecommunication) customers to effectively double

the available input channels by using two independent high bandwidth

oscilloscopes as one unit when they to capture need high speed optical

telecom signals.

. 10 GHz Clock module using a DRO, 100MHz reference crystal oscillator,

power amplifiers and Wilkinson power dividers meeting the strict jitter

and phase noise requirement. This effort led to a timely and successful

launch of the Wave Master 8620A Oscilloscope.

. High Speed BGA and LGA Ceramic Packages for High Frequency ADCs, Analog

Amplifiers, and Track & Hold Amplifiers that range in bandwidth from DC

to 40GHz which were used in LeCroy's high performance oscilloscopes,

WaveMaster 8Zi, WavePro 7Zi, SDA 8Zi, and LabMaster 9 & 10Zi series.

. Performed several signal integrity simulations and analysis on various

acquisition systems high speed boards on signal types similar to DDR3,

SATA, PCIE, and Gigabit Ethernet applying S-Parameters from HFSS

simulations results to TDR analysis that led to pristine system

performance in insertion loss, return loss, cross talk, rise time, and


. Mentored new members of the product development engineering team which

brought them up to speed with the product development cycle, company

culture, and group dynamics.



Quality Control Inspector

Inspected and tested Electromechanical Relays from various product lines in

the quality control department, and performed failure analysis as needed.


IBM San Jose CA, Wafer processing

Micro Machine Shop, Sunnyvale CA, Machinist


B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

High Speed Signal Integrity with Dr. Howard Johnson,

Power Integrity with Dr. Eric Bogatin


US Citizen