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Quality Assurance Technician

Blythewood, South Carolina, 29016, United States
May 14, 2013
Contact Info:

Michael Elkins
**** *. ********* **
Blythewood, SC 29016

Relevant Positions
Press and Ink Room Area
Pressroom Supervisor
Pressroom Technician
Journeyman Pressman
Hot Melt Wax Coater
Training & Courses
GAA Basic & Advanced
(Western Michigan
X-rite Basic & Advanced
Color Theory
Sun Chemical and
Seigwerks Ink Companies
Microsoft Outlook and
Excel 2010
SGS cylinder engravers
Press & Equipment
Presses: Cerutti,
Schiavi, Harris,
Champlain, Bobst, BHS
Register Systems: Bobst,
Eltromat, Quad Tech, CC1
Vision Systems: Vigitek,
AVT, BST, Eltromat, Isra
Work History
31 years Press-related

Experience Overview

Michael Elkins possesses over 31 years of Press-related experience, to
include Press and Ink Room Area Leader, Pressroom Supervisor, Pressman
Technician, Journeyman Pressman, and Hot Melt Wax Coater Operator.

Specific Experience

Constantia Hueck Foils LLC 2/8/2010 to 4/1/2013
Press and Ink Room Area Leader - Blythewood, SC
. Managed press and ink room departments to maintain high quality,
efficient, and clean operations.
. Maintained high 5s standards in order to meet GMP, SQF, and ISO
. Directed and scheduled 22 employees for both departments to maintain a
24/7 operation.
. Set employees pay scales and approved monthly bonus payouts.
. Wrote and updated SOPs and implement approved CIPs.
. Approved press approvals for graphics, print quality, and color.
. Established and maintained processes for new product lines.
. Ordered and maintained supplies for both departments, working with
venders on costing and quality issues.
. Troubleshot printing and mechanical issues and trained employees to
troubleshoot, with little or no assistance from supervision.
. Worked with SAP, as well as PDC, to track performance of crews as well
as waste.
. Designed and implemented a simplified Excel Spreadsheet to track product
families in order to confirm monthly goal achievement.
. Traveled both domestically and internationally for seminars and

Mundet Tennessee Inc. / 7/25/1981 to 2/8/2010
International Playing Card and Label Co.
Pressroom Supervisor (2008 to 2010)
. Planned and directed pressroom activities and established priorities for
printing, in keeping with effective operations and cost factors.
. Achieved production objectives through effective and efficient
utilization of resources and materials assigned to the pressroom.
. Monitored daily metrics from waste reporting system and operating
. Evaluated performance of each shift and press.
. Developed and implemented creative methods of improving press
. Participated in daily production meetings and scheduled pricing
. Communicated scheduling conflicts or production delays to appropriate
. Communicated company policies to all pressroom personnel.
. Directed and initiated training programs to ensure staff development and
availability of qualified backups for key pressroom positions.
. Conducted regular audits of pressroom housekeeping and initiated
corrective actions, as needed.
. Reviewed all pressroom accident reports and took necessary actions to
eliminate similar accidents.
. Coordinated preventative and scheduled maintenance procedures with
maintenance and production managers.
. Coordinated with all production departments, sales, quality assurance,
and, when appropriate, customers to assure satisfaction with printed
material and performed color approvals at the press to ensure a good
match between printed material, as well as books/proofs.
. Attended GAA Conferences requiring interaction with various customers
and venders.

Pressroom Technician (2006 to 2008)
. Improved daily communication between press crews, supervisors, and
maintenance to reduce machine down time and set-up time through improved
standardized work practices and color matching procedures.
. Troubleshot printing processes based on production and work to reduce
print defects.
. Worked closely with Manufacturing and Technical Services Manager in
developing new products for existing and new customers,
. Provided technical resources for problem solving at customers
. Assisted in R&D and trial runs.
. Performed with excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills
and the ability to work professionally with customers and venders in
everyday and high-pressure situations.
. Analyzed and troubleshot printing problems with proven aptitude.
. Provided efficient performance in PC-based software applications such as
databases, spreadsheets, and word processing (Access, Excel, and Word).
. Assisted continuous improvement teams, press crews, and support crews in
achieving reduction of make ready, increasing net average run speeds,
reducing total waste, and communicating daily metrics.
. Involved heavily in the printing process of LIP paper, most notably the
R&D of water-based LIP paper using different methods to achieve desired

Hot Melt Wax Coater Operator (1996 to 1998)
. Responsible for operation of the Hot Melt Coater/Laminator, ordering of
supplies, training of press operators for Deco Image (heat transfer)
Specialty Printing, assisting in the artwork and lay-out of new and
existing jobs, making jobs more printer-friendly in the effort to reduce
waste and make-ready time, and assisting with the formulations of inks
and lacquers, as well as determining which types to use to best meet
customer specifications.

Journeyman Pressman (1992 to 2006)
. Responsible for Operation of 4 to 10 color rotogravure printing presses
with web widths from 13 to 52 inches; the make-ready of the presses;
achieving and maintaining color, printability and registration to meet
customer specifications; and training and evaluation of new press
. Served as Lead pressman for start-up of newly installed press and was
responsible for ordering of equipment and supplies for pressroom and
. Performed duties to include Research and Development for new processes
using different types of substrates, inks, and different types of
cylinder engravings.

Bindery Operator (1981 to 1992)
. Performed various and diversified bindery duties.