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Senior Java Resource/Finance

Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001, India
January 13, 2013
Contact Info:

Deepak Paliwal


. More than Thirteen (13) year of extensive professional software
development experience as Technical Architect/Manager, Senior consultant
and System/Analyst Programmer of medium to large sized projects in the
area of Development, Design, Analysis, Functional Studies, Requirement
Gathering, Estimation, Project Coordination, and S/W Configuration Mgmt.
. Extensive experience in Banking, Insurance, Trading sector with clients
like Nomura, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Chase, UBS, MetLife, Comcast
Interactive Media, and i2 technologies.
. Very good exposure of financial instruments including equities, bonds,
Mutual funds, Hedge Funds and Derivatives (Contracts, CDS and Options
etc). Understanding of valuation and pricing models (Options, Bonds etc.
using Black Scholes, Binominal Tree, Monte Carlo). Knowledge of trade and
transaction data flow, payments, deliveries, confirmation data flow.
Hands on experience on market data (from GS, BYSYS, BLOOMBERG) and
reference data handling and structure of financial firm.
. Exposure in Big Data, NoSQL, analytics and distributed computing
technologies like Kdb+, q, R, hadoop, GridGain etc.
. Expertise in in setting up/building new team and managing multiple teams
at same time.
. Expertise in Compliance Technology and large financial project
implementation with high volume of data and sophisticated DROOLS based
rule engine.
. Expertise in building application for Global Risk Platform for financial
firms including Market Risk, Issuer Credit Risk, Capital Numbers, OMS
. Expertise in Developing applications using Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP,
JMS, XML, Eclipse, Visual Source Safe, PVCS, JDBC, JDK, JNDI, ANT and
. Sound knowledge and experience of complete software development life
cycle and different methodologies like agile development, Scrum
methodology, SOA, Test Driven Development, MVC. Experience in both Front
End (JSP, HTML, XML, Servlet) and Back end developments (J2EE, JDBC,
. Experience in Performing data analysis, performance tuning (JVM using
profiling tools like JProfiler and Database objects), writing automated
test Suites, monitoring suites and providing inputs for technology gaps
for faster and reliable system.
. Experience with the Servers like WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, Apache and
. Extensive knowledge of Internet/Intranet application development, EAI
using webMethods, Java, Advance Java (Servlets, Struts and JSP),
databases like Sybase, DB2, SQL, Oracle, MySql technologies like PERL,
SHELL Scripting, OLAP and platforms Windows, UNIX, LINUX and Solaris.
. Expertise in working with OpenSource frameworks and applications. Good
exposure to Spring, JUnit, Fitness (Automated Test Suite), ANT, XMLBeans,
HSQL in memory DB, DROOLS, Sturts, Apache's API's like Velocity, log4j,
Axis, POI. Participated in development of firmwide frameworks, Like ETL
tools, Work Flow Engine, Automatic code generation API's, DAO framework
etc. Experience in BPM and EAI technologies like webMethods. Exposure to
OpenGamma libraries for Risk and Valuation.
. Extensive experience in working on different OS like Solaris, UNIX,
Linux, Windows. Good exposure to scripting languages like Shell, Batch,
Perl etc and worked with different schedulers like CRON and Autosys.
. Exposure to develop adapters for Java/J2EE system to interact with other
systems like mainframe.
. Self starter with good leadership abilities and team spirit.
. Team player with good interpersonal skills.
. Experience in managing large teams and executing projects.
. Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application, 1yr.
. Bachelor of Engineering 4 yr.


. WebMethods Integration Server certification awarded by WebMethods Inc.
. Brainbench Certificates of Java2 & EJB.
. Advanced Java Programmer Course: Successfully Completed Application
Developers Curriculum, India.
. Completed Computer Course from Compro Computer Education, India for
Languages C, C++ and Java.

Domain Knowledge:

. Banking Domain
. Insurance Domain
. Financial Domain
. Application Development
. Internet/ Intranet Applications

Technical Skills:

Languages : Java (13+ years), PERL and PL/SQL, MDSQL.
EAI Tools : webMethods Integration Server 3.6/4.6, webMethods Developer 3.6/
4.6, webMethods Trading Networks, webMethods Business
Integrator, webMethods Enterprise Server
Java Stream : Core Java(11 Years), Servlets, JDBC, JSP, RMI, PERL, JMS, Shell
Scripting and exposure to Open Source technologies like Spring
Web Scripting : HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX.
RDBMS : Oracle(2 years), Sybase (4 years), DB2 (5 years), SQL (9 years),
MySql, MS SQL and OLAP.
Tools : SOLR, Lucene, WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD),
Eclipse (with different Plug-ins), NetBeans, VSS, and PVCS.
Operating : Sun Solaris, UNIX, LINUX, Windows-98 and Windows 2000-Advanced
System Server, Windows XP.
WebServer : WebSphere, Weblogic and Tomcat.

Employment History

Employer Location From To
Sapient Gurgaon Dec 2011 Till date
AurionPro Solutions New York/New Jersey May 2005 Sep 2011
Cognizant Technology Pune/New York Sept 2002 May 2005
Albatross Software Pune Aug 2001 Sep 2002
Shakaram Infosys Jaipur May 1999 Aug 2001


Sapient, Gurgaon Dec 2011 - Till now

Risk and Valuation Initiative: The initiative is to build and master
business and technology know how in Risk and valuation in firm.
Initiative include the evaluate and benchmark different technologies in
the area, publish white papers, build forum for expert in area, build
components for various clients and helping engagement leads to provide
solution in Risk and valuation domain. We build couple of projects to
demonstrate the expertise:

First one deal with orders submitted by portfolio managers and complete
the trade life cycle with exchange simulators. The objective is to
demonstrate the capabilities of system to handle large volumes with high
throughput. Various home grown simulators were used to act as Exchange,
Settlement and Clearing houses, Middle office and back office systems,
and market data providers. Disruptor is being used to handle large amount
of trade volumes (low latency and high throughput) with activeMQ as
broker to suit algorithmic trading volumes.

Second is related to Real Time Risk implementation which can handle large
amount of data for slicing and dicing. Kdb+ for timeseries data, Hadoop
for computation, R/Colt and OpenGamma for valuation API's are being used
along with Java. System have capability to compute and aggregate Risk
Numbers, provides different valuation implementations.

UBS, Gurgaon Dec 2011 - till now
Manager, Specialist-Java

1. Project : OMS (Equity Derivatives) Dec 2011 - till now
and Risk

Currently handling two projects described below:

1. OMS (Convertible Bonds): Sales person/traders can book/capture trades
using OMS in convertible bonds/swaps (hedge leg with underlier stock),
complete the lifecycle of trades including confirmations, allocations,
settlement and clearance. System has capability to generate various
reports, replay trades to downstream systems in case of failure. Another
component do valuation of convertible bonds on end of the day and real-
time as well, calculate greeks and provide sandbox for what if scenario
analysis. The GUI is thick GUI using .Net and back end processes are
written in Java running either as server or batch. System is integrated
with messaging broker using Tibco RV and proprietary messaging
infrastructure. Fix and propriety protocols for
orders/confirmations/trades and different acknowledgement is used for
communication between different processes.

2. The another Project deals with Structured Notes, displays valuation
(Full and Delta) on demand and in batch mode, calculates different greeks
and display to traders, contribute to market for pricing.


. Manage team of developers, estimation, task allocation etc.
. Coordinate with Client Mangers and development teams.
. Responsible for smooth delivery of projects on release cycles.
. Understand requirements and design system

Environment: Core Java(1.6/1.7), Ant, Spring, Oracle, Tibco RV, XML, JUnit,
SVN, Eclipse, Linux, Tomcat, Autosys.

AurionPro Solutions, New Jersey/New York May 2005 - Sep 2011

Nomura, New York May 2010 - Sep 2011
Team Lead/Architect

2. Project : Global Risk Project May 2010 - Sep 2011

Description: Global Risk Project started with implementation of market
risk platform that is designed to:
. calculate various measures of market risk

. provide analytical tools to identify key drivers of each market risk

. A Comprehensive Risk Measure (or ADR) applying to the correlation

. An Incremental Risk Charge (IRC)

. Calculate VaR based on daily changes in positions and market data

. Refresh historical market data daily

. Conduct daily backtesting against clean p&l

. Daily data integrity processes ensuring inputs into the VaR model are

The system is capable of handling all transaction of firm and provides
Global Risk Numbers and Capital Numbers. System will replace the existing
Excel based Risk Platform with significant improvement in response time,
features and number of methodologies to generate risk numbers.

The platform provides functionality including:

. Calculating risk based on various models (1 day 99%, 10 Day 99%, 1 Day
EWMA 99%, 10 Day EWMA 99%, VCV EWMA, Stress, Positive Side EWMA, Expected
Shortfall etc.)

. Calculate Incremental Risk Charge using Monte Carlo Simulation.

. Provide analysis capabilities via GUI and download excel of PnL Vectors,
Raw data, different histograms, charts etc.

. Capability of calculate and aggregate risk on demand via GUI

. Reporting capabilities in different formats querying different sources
including DB, file, Cache etc.

The entire system designed in Core Java, J2EE, SQL Server/Sybase,
Spring, Flex, Solr/Lucene, Colt APIs, JMX, JMS and AOP. The system
calculates and keeps all data in cache implemented via java data
structures. As one JVM could not contain data the JVM have affinity
with date and multiple JVM's communicate with each other using
JGroups clustering API. Cluster members can be added and removed
dynamically. JVM size could go up to 90 Gigs and at a time 15 - 20
machines can be in cluster. The entire state of the JVM is being
written on to disk using Java IO/Serialization to start the system
fast in case of failure.

. Design and implement Global risk platform
. Make sure the smooth delivery
. Work with global team and BA's to implement system.
. Interact with risk managers for requirements /new enhancement / issues
in system.

Environment: Core Java(1.6), J2EE, Flex, Ant, Spring, PL/SQL, XML, JUnit,
SVN, Shell, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Eclipse, Linux, Tomcat, SOLR, Lucene,

Goldman Sachs, New York July 2009 - May 2010
Technical Team Lead

3. Project : GSAM -AIMS July 2009 - May 2010

Description: GSAM Alternate Investment Management Group deals with hedge
funds and Fund of Funds Business. Goldman Sachs provides its client and
alternative of researching funds and invests. GS research it self and
invest into multiple top notch funds and provide its client a financial
instrument with less risky and profitable alternative. Alternative Funds
include: GSAM Private Equity Group (PEG), NY Direct Hedge Funds, Exchange
Funds, Global Manager Strategy Funds, Hedge Fund Strategies Group, and
Merchant Banking Funds. We have applications that store client
communications, client contact information, and client financial
information. This information is used for client service as well as for
reporting. The fund manager in which GS invest needs to expose there
strategy and data to Goldman so it can measure performance, report to
client etc.
The AIMS IT Division performs Task to interact with these fund managers,
capture their data, calculate performance data, and generate user friendly
reports. The system contains a number of batch jobs, websites and
independent processes which runs 24x7.

The IT system is designed in various technologies including Java, J2EE,
Sybase, DB2, Informatica, Kettle, Perl, Shell, in house Language SecDB,
MatLab etc. The IT division works on number of initiatives based on
requirements, some of them are listed below.

TLC: Project TLC is a project in the HFS business to provide accounts with
more transparency, liquidity, and control. The initial phase of this
project is to restart the Trader Entity business. The Fund Admin will
provide position files that will detail the underlying securities in the
Trader Entities. IT development work will be focused on accepting the
position file feeds from the Fund Admin and pipe them through the AIMS/GSAM
infrastructure so that the accounts can be monitored for risk, compliance,

Liquidity Engine: This system was created to provide Goldman Sachs
Portfolio managers very helpful information about the liquidity of their
positions/investment made into external hedge fund managers. The system
provided several features like ability to input the Liquidity terms defined
by external managers in their Fund manual, automated book keeping of the
subscriptions, redemption activity and corporate actions.

. Design and Develop new flows to capture new fund managers.
. Interaction with Fund Managers to understand their data, with business
users to understand their requirement.
. Maintain application and solving day to day user queries.
. Development - Core technology was Java and DB2 which performed the
major data processing. Web based front end was implemented on struts
framework. Reports were also linked in the same from end.

Environment: Core Java(1.6), J2EE(Servlets, JSP, CSS, JMS, Ajax,
WebServices), Hibernate, Ant, Maven, Spring 2.0, Struts 2, DWR, PL/SQL,
XML, JUnit, Sourceforge, Perl, Shell, UDB, Sybase, Eclipse, Solaris,
Linux, Tomcat, Apache.

Comcast Interactive Media, Philadelphia Jan 2009 - July 2009
Team Lead/Sr. software Developer

4. Project : Video On Demand(VOD) Jan 2009 - July 2009

Description: Comcast is revamping their module for Video On Demand of
website from static to interactive. The aim is to provide
real time information to user base which can be huge from 2 to 2.5 million.
The data should be synchronized with set top box information. Current
version of application will enable user to browse assets (Videos including
movies/tv episodes/ music and special videos) and watch trailers etc.
Application's response time should be fast while searching and retrieving
The project's GUI part is being developed in house component using
freemarker template engine with data in JSON and XML. Application's
architecture is Service Oriented Architecture using restful webservices.
Searching/Indexing is done by Lucene/Solr combination. Large XML's are
parsed by Streaming based Parser STAXMate. Database is MySQL, Application
server is Tomcat. Applcation is build using Jersey Resfull API, Spring MVC
and J2EE. Sourcecode is safe in SVN and build is done by maven.


. Designed architecture for fast data retrieval using Lucene/Solr/Spring
MVC/ Restfull/ maven combination.
. Writing build and maintenance scripts on Unix and maven.
. Writing Restful webservices and controllers for Spring MVC.
. Writing JUnit test cases using EasyMock framework with TDD
. Practiced scrum development methodology for fast application
. Deploying and configuring Lucene/Solr on Unix servers.
. Defining Application specific XML format for different components.
. Writing screens using freemarker templat with data in JSON format.
. Writing components to parse and create XML using StAX parser and JSON

Environment: Core Java(1.5), J2EE(Servlets, JSP, Ajax, Restful
WebServices), Maven, Spring 2.0, PL/SQL, JavaScript,Freemarker, XML,
JSON, Velocity, Fitness, JUnit, EasyMock, SVN, Jersey restful API, Shell,
MySQL, Eclipse, Solaris, STAXMat, STAX parser,, JDOM, Tomcat,

Goldman Sachs, Jersey City May 2005 - Dec 2008
Technical Team Lead/Architect

5. Project : Securities Compliance Sep 2006 - Dec 2008

Description: The application is a reporting and auditing application based
on Java, Drools, XSLT and J2EE. The Objective of application is to report
any detected prohibited or potential ill trading activity. The system
captures all trading activity of equities; hedge funds CDS and other
financial instruments. One example of surveillance is finding trading
activity from firm who is following a pattern of Hedgefund.

Regulatory Affairs & Strategic Surveillance is the division of Compliance.
System captures screen firm's data and run various rules and generate
exception to report to compliance offices. Surveillances are designed and
deployed on top of framework on regular basis. Surveillance can be running
rules on transactions belongs to all traders belongs to a trading desk gets
confidential information about some product or running rules on all
transaction happened on products which are in gray list or restriction
list. Rules of Surveillance can be simple or complex depending upon level
of Surveillance. The architecture can be divided into two parts, detection
engine and Exception Management. Detection Engine gets Raw Data and runs
rules(DROOLS) on the top and generates exceptions in XML form and publishes
them to Exception Management's EMS Queue using JMS(The point to point
messaging was used). Exception Management retrieves the messages and paints
HTML pages using XSLT. During processing Exception Management enriches the
Data to display on the screens to from different datasources e.g. Account
Name, Open Date etc.

. Development of new surveillances which involves preparing data (Core
Java, DB2, Shell, Autosys), detecting exception (Core java,
Surveillance Container, DB2, JBoss Drools, XML Beans) with
surveillance specific rules, defining XSD, defining object graph,
developing screen layout(JSP, JSF, JavaScript, DOJO, Ajax, Spring MVC,
HTML, XSLT), real time reference data enrichment (Mithra).
. Configuring and develop new flow and components for Spring Webflow.
. Tuning application including database, java and web application for
performance (DB2 Database Queries, SP's, defining proper indexes,
runstats and other utilities, Java using JProfiler and performing
benchmarking), and database maintenance(Coordinate with DBA to reorg
databases, increase tablespace size, transaction log size etc.). As
system handles millions of rows daily performance is the key aspect of
. Participate in common work flow framework design using Core java. The
framework is surveillance container which provides Database
Connections, Transaction handling, Logging with log4j, file resources,
Message publishing utilities, common session object for task
. Creating Data Models for Database and Mapping new tables in In-house
DAO layer (Core Java, XML) for Core java based Detection engine and
Map tables in hibernate for Web Application part. Writing Velocity
code to auto generated required XML files and Java Beans for mapping.
. Writing webservices on tomcat server using AXIS to provide controlled
view of data to external systems as all databases are behind firewall
due to sensitivity of data.

Environment: Core Java(1.5), J2EE(Servlets, JSP, CSS, JSP, JMS, Ajax,
WebServices), Hibernate, Maven, Ant, Hudson(Continuous build platform),
Spring 2.0, Drools, PL/SQL, JavaScript, DOJO, XSLT, XML, Velocity,
Fitness(Wiki based end to end testing framework), JUnit,JProfiler,
Sourceforge, PKI, LDAP, CVS, Perl, Shell, UDB, Sybase, Eclipse, Solaris,
Linux, Tomcat, Apache, in House Java based Work flow Engine.

6. Project : COOL - Document Retention Dec 2005 - Sep 2006

Description: COOL (COmputer OnLine) deals with the documents of firm and
provide the unlimited safe storage facility and interface to retrieve
Environment: Java 1.4, Perl, Eclipse, Shell, UDB, SQL, WebService, SOAP,
JavaScript, CSS, Swing, Tomcat, Spring, Windows 2000, IIS, UNIX, Linux Sun
Solaris 5.8.

7. Project: AML - Compliance
May 2005 - Dec 2005

Description: The AML Compliance division scans all the transactions in
which firm are involved, it contains all the wires, checks, trading of
securities bonds or any financial instrument.
Environment: Java 1.3, J2EE, JSP, CSS, Servlets, Hibernate, SOA, Spring,
Eclipse, DB2, Perl, Visual Source safe, Tomcat, Linux, UNIX, In-house ETL
tool(ODIN), Hibernate.

Cognizant Technology, Pune/New York Sep 2002 - May 2005

JP Morgan and Chase, New York June 2003 - May 2005
Technical Team lead/Onsite Coordinator

8. Project : Investment Management and Nov 2004 - May 2005
Private Banking, Merger with BankOne

Description: Due to Merger between JPMC and BankOne the IM division is
merged. This allowed funds from JP Morgan should be available on BankOne
system and BankOne's funds on JP Morgan's system.
Environment: Java 1.3, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Sybase, Oracle,
Linux/UNIX/Shell, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, SQL, Visual Source safe,
JRun, WSAD, WebSphere 4.0, Eclipse, Tomcat, Windows 2000, IIS, Sun Solaris

9. Project : WebSphere Migration
June 2004 - Oct 2004

Description: JPMC is a leading financial service provider in USA and
Europe. IM (Investment Management) and PB(Private Banking) division deals
with the financial management of funds. Daily rates of funds and there
performance data comes from various sources including data management and
BiSys. The project execution model is an OnSite - OffShore Model
Environment: Java 1.3, Multi Threading, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Struts,
JavaScript, CSS, Sybase, Perl, Eclipse, Visual Source safe, JRun, WSAD,
WebSphere 4.0, Windows 2000, Professional, Linux/UNIX.

10. Project: Investment Management and Private Banking, Support and
Enhancement Jun 2003 - June 2004

Description: JPMC Morgan and Chase are leading financial service provider
in USA and Europe. The project was related to Investment Management and
Private Banking. The scope of the application deals with a system called
FFI (Fund and Financial Institution). This system hosts as many as 15 sites
developed in J2EE, which include equity trading, portfolio management.
Fundstation, third party software is used to performance calculation of
funds. Performances of some funds come from other vendors like BiSys.
Environment: Java 1.3, Multi Threading, J2EE, Perl, Swing, Sybase, Eclipse,
Visual Source safe, JRun, WSAD, WebSphere 4.0, EJB, Windows 2000
Professional, Sun Solaris 5.8.

MetLife Insurance Company, New York Sep 2002 - May 2003
Senior Consultant

11. Project : MetLife SBR
Mar 2003 - May 2003

Description: MetLife SBR is an application designed for the Client Advisors
of MetLife Corporation, such as Brokers as well as internal users. The
primary function of the web-based MetLife SBR5.0 application is to provide
a consistent web interface to users to perform all the business functions.
Environment: Java 1.3, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Eclipse, Visual
Source safe, WebSphere 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional, Oracle.

12. Project : Integration of Mainframe and J2EE System
Sep 2002 - Mar 2003

Description: The MetLife is an insurance company, having two types of
system, one is on mainframe and data stored in COBOL format and the other
is RDBMS storage which is connected by J2EE system.
Environment: Java 1.3, J2EE, Eclipse, EJB2.0, webMethods Integration Server
and Developer, Visual Source safe, webMethods Integration Server 3.6 and
Developer 3.6, WSAD, IBM MQ, WebSphere 3.6, Windows Server 2000
Professional, Oracle.

Albatross Software, Pune Aug 2001- Sep 2002

Commercial Product, (Vistaar Technologies Inc.), Aug 2001 - Sep 2002
Senior Programmer

13. Project : Decision Support System Vistaar Technologies Inc. is a
software company focused on building next generation decision support
applications for global enterprises.
Environment: Java 1.3, J2EE, EJB2.0, RMI, JSP, Servlets, CORBA, JNI,
Oracle, OLAP, Visual Cafe 4.5.1, Starteam 5.1, Weblogic 6.1, JRUN 3.1,
Windows Server 2000 Professional.

Shakaram Infosys, Jaipur May 1999 - Aug 2001

Sunshine Exim Limited, Jaipur Nov 2000 - August 2001

14. Project: Enterprise Assessment of Resources
Jan 2001 - August 2001

Description: In-house advance production management application.
Environment: Java, EJB, JSP, Oracle, Swing, MySql, Symantec Visual Caf,
Windows NT and Weblogic.

15. Project: Online Trading System
Nov 2000 - Jan 2001

Description: Online trading website for jewellery business.
Environment: ASP, JavaScript, Oracle & MySQL, Front Page, Visual Interdev,
Windows NT (IIS) and iASP.

Coddy's, Gemnet, Germany Jan 2000 - Oct 2000

16. Project: Online Service Center or CallCenter Application was
internet and swing based call center application.

Environment: Java (Servlet, JDBC, Swing, JSP), HTML, XML & Oracle,
VisualCaffe, DreamWeaver, Windows, Weblogic and JRun

Commercial Software, Jaipur, India Aug 1999 - Dec 1999

17. Project: Karat Jewellery Commercial software The application was
core java, applet, servlet, swing based commercial software to facilitate
jerwllery production company.
Environment: Java, Servlets, Applets & Oracle, Visual caf, Windows NT,
JRun and Windows.

Devcompusoft India Pvt. Limited. May 1999 - Jul 1999

18. Project: TradeIndo America Dynamic Website The application was Java
base client management system
Environment: Java (Servlet, JDBC, Swing, JSP), HTML & Oracle,
VisualCaffe, DreamWeaver, Window NT and JWS.