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CNC Supervisor, CNC Manager, CNC programmer, Tool & Die

Wichita, Kansas, 67204, United States
August 06, 2013
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Bradley A. Cue
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Wichita, Ks.*7204
Senior CNC Programmer

Objective: I have 10 years of Management experience. I have been
programming since 1991 using MasterCam software.

I am interested in a position with a growing Company in the Manufacturing,
or Aerospace Industry. I have completed a 4 year formal Tool and Die

I thank you for your time and consideration for any of the positions you
have open.
. Goal-oriented individual
. Strong leadership capabilities.
. Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.
. Very diversified background in Manufacturing.
I am currently seeking a CNC Programmer, Tool Design or Tool & Die Maker
position. I have 15+ years experience as Professional Manager overseeing up
to 70-100 people in Machine shop and production assembly environment. I
also have 20 years experience in programming using MasterCam, also using
Solidworks, SmartCam, BobCam, VeriCut verify software, Cimco editors, Excel
& Word. I also have some experience in Catia V4 software making prints and
modeling. I can program using MasterCam Version 9 to MasterCam version 20.
I am proficient at bidding machine run times, projects and job costing.
Most of my planning experience is in the machine shop environment I have
managed CNC and Production Assembly shops with most back ground in the
machining area. I have held Top Secret Clearance for 9 years. I am able to
program parts complete including setup documents. I am able to program
part, prove parts out and achieve 1st part buys prior to production.

Aerospace Systems and Components 2011-2013
Lead CNC Programmer
I am currently lead man of a CNC job shop. I am training programming a
younger employee to be a programmer in MasterCam X5.
I still program 3,4th axis programs. Our machinery is quite antiquated so
a lot of attention is needed to perform programs.
We machine Stainless Steel, Inconel and Titanium exclusively. We machine
many secondary operations that our not completed when production parts are
sent out. We are basically a small fix anything and everything. Our work
load has been very low. I am seeking possible new employment after 2 years.
I am a person who does not do well on days without any work. I would like
to work in a fast paced shop. I am open to any -positions that I have held
in the past. I love to program and have many years experience with

Center Industries Corporation 2008 to 2010
Senior CNC Programmer
Programmer for 15 CNC machines doing high speed machining, 3, 4, 5 axis
machining, Horizontal, 4 & 5 axis Trunion and Gantry style machines. I also
programmed for a 2 axis & 3 Axis CNC routers using MasterCam 20.
My other duties include estimating run times for router and CNC jobs. I
also worked closely with planning all CNC center operations. I was also
training another person as a CNC programmer in MasterCam 10/4.

Hanna Racing 2006-2008
R&D Programmer and Machining:
I engineered, designed, programmed, including fabrication of custom racing
parts and cars. I worked in an R&D shop building Custom Race cars. I use
MasterCam 9 and Solidworks software. These are one shot programmed parts.
Due to the expense of exotic materials used, this is basically no mistake
programming. My job included model building, painting and powder coating
parts, fabrication of metal parts and composite lay up. Currently producing
a 450+ MPH car from the ground up, to be ran at Bonneville Salt Flats in
August of 2008.

Great Plains Industries 2006
CNC Programmer
Program and prove out of all programs for CNC operations using MasterCam 9.
I planned new projects, tooling, and reduction of machining cycle times.
This was non-aircraft CNC programming.

Exacta Aerospace Inc. 2005-2006
Operations Supervisor 2nd shift
I managed 2nd shift operations. My management position oversaw
approximately 40+ people. My duties include overseeing operation of the CNC
operations, Deburr Shop, and training all new CNC operators. Overseeing
production operations, scheduling job runs, setups, programs prove out,
tooling, and training.

CNC Manager, Center Industries Corporation 1996-2005
I have directed all Shop operation relating to production and fabrication
of aircraft parts.
Including CNC programming, quoting and scheduling

Relevant Experience & Accomplishments: Program Coordination:
. Managed, 3 CNC Programmers two shift Supervisors and 35-70 employees on 2
. Successful implementation of Cause and Corrective Action Process program
finding root causes for problems relating to scrap.
. Quoted projects,, estimated run times, oversaw programming, planning,
tooling and fabrication of CNC Machine Shop projects
. Tract, Optimize Schedules, to meet on time deliveries to Customers
. Developed program in Excel to track scrap rate of all jobs running
through shop.
. Implementation of Cell Work Centers and Lean Manufacturing Technology.
. Formulated, wrote, and implemented all documentation for shop pertaining
to ISO & D91000 requirements.
. Certified Fork lift instructor / trainer

. Directed recruitment and retention of staff of 15-30 employees on two
. Trained, supervised and evaluated staff, coached improvement skills.
. Successful implementation and refinements implemented all new projects in
CNC Shop.