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Project Manager Engineer

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
August 04, 2013
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Extensive Refinery Knowledge, Encompassing 45 years experience,
Including Project Coordination, Resident Engineer, Site
Superintendent, Construction Supervisor, experience in all
aspects of Petro-Chemical Electrical & Instrumentation Design
Engineering and Construction both On-Shore & Off-Shore for major
companies such as I.C.I, B.P, ESSO, National .Nuclear
viewing Projects from "Grass Roots" to "Mechanical Completion".


Aug 2012 - Senior Project Manager- I.L.F - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
July 2013
Detailed Design of Trunk - and Flowlines Replacement and
Rehabilitation for ADCO Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This
encompassed the replacement of 240 Km's of gas pipelines. Which was
designed after magnetic and geotechnical survey's optimized the
route. Replacement of the Cathodic Protection also was considered on
the replaced gas lines.

Also a separate part of the project was stress analysis of 37 flow
lines (280 km's) and well heads using Caesar II software. To make
recommendations to install loops, bends, anchor blocks, deeper burial
and replace the berms to ensure there was no creepage or upheaval
buckling of the gas pipelines.

Feb Project Manager- WorleyParsons- Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


< (TAKREER) Green Diesel Project - New Control Room

This Project entailed the moving of facilities such as:

a. DCS / ESD

b. PA System

c. CCTV System

d. APC System

e. RTDB System

From the existing control room to the new control room and
involved "Hot" cutovers. This also involved:

1. Selection of EPC Bidders

2. Prequalification of EPC Bidders

3. Compiling Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Takreer and
certain Vendors.

4. Tender & Post Tender Bulletins to clarify issues associated with
the Invitation to Tender. (ITT)

5. Reports such as:

a. EPC Bid Technical Evaluation and scoring to identify best EPC

b. MOU Evaluation to ensure prices quotes are reasonable.

c. Reports and Presentations to the Takreer GM and Project Steering

d. Site Survey Reports.

< (ADCO) Segregation of Flow Lines 6 & 7

This detailed design project was executed without a FEED phase
and as such meant greater alignment with the client (ADCO) was
required. The project was to make gas flow lines to individual
wellheads feed to the test method. ( Test separator or
multiphase flowmeter); rather than have pairs of wellheads
feeding to the test facilities. Also considered was to increase
the diameter of the gas pipe lines to accommodate for reduction
in wellhead pressure.

< (ZADCO) CNIA Tie-ins on Zirku Island.

This Detailed Design Project was to cater for the facilities
(Aeroplane hanger, Mosque, Radar Installation, Army Camp etc)
that were require for CNIA to establish a functional base on
Zirku Island.

< (ZADCO) Replacement of Piping on Zirku Island.

This Detailed Design Project was four work packs that were for
the replacement of existing gas and utility pipelines on Zircu
Island. Such as cooling water to Compressors and Diesel feed to
Jetty. The lines had to be replaced as they had reached the end
of their life cycle.

< (ADCO) Upgrade of Existing Electrical Systems at RDS 1,2 & 3 Bu

This FEED work involved the building of three new substations /
controls rooms at the Remote Degassing Stations.

< (ADCO & MATRIX) Replacement of 11kV ring main at Bu Hasa

This is the detailed engineering of the replacement of obsolete

< (ADMA-OPCO) Replacement of fenders on Wellhead Towers (WHT).

This detailed design that included a "Push-over" analysis was to
replace the aging fenders on various Offshore WHT's

< (ADMA- OPCO) Taweela Alpha Hazardous Area Classification Review.

This is the review of the classification drawing with respect to
the "as built "conditions and current legislation.

< Power stations PP1 & PP2

Assisted WP Mumbai in closing out the Detailed Design and
construction queries for the construction of two Power Plants in

< RAK Petroleum (Indago) Bukha Platforms

Completion of the detailed design and snag lists associated with
construction of an Offshore Platform.

< ONGC Study Phase 3

Feasibility study for two Offshore Platforms and "Master
Development Plan" ( MDP) for offshore gas field in Iran The
study for these two offshore platforms incorporated gas and
multiphase pipeline being installed to the optimum land fall
point. Also involved was design (Klaus Unit) to separate the
sulphur in the gas lines.

< (ADCO) Bu Hasa ESP Project.

FEED study for installing Electrical Submrsible Pumps on two
oilwells in Bu Hasa.

< (GASGO) Habshan Plant Integrity Study

Details desk top study of the gas relief systems at Habshan.
This involved studying all the associated gas lines connected to
the flare header together with relief devices (SRV and bursting
disc's etc) using the "Flarenet" programme to ensure that the
installed system was safe, and if required make recommendations
to be incorporated in to the gas piping systems.

< (GASCO) Habshan Plant Fitness For Service Study

Detailed study of the repairs needed and recommendations for the
Cold Bed Absorption (CBA) reactors at Habshan. Engaging a third
party inspector to analyse, at an atomic level, the condition of
the tiles and catalyst inside the reactor. Also to analyse the
gas piping to and from the reactor to ensure that the critical
erosional velocity is not exceeded.

< Hasirah-Zauliyah- Pipeline Replacement

Desk top study using the OLGA software to predict surge

< Budne Pipeline Slugging Study

Desk top study using the OLGA software to predict surge

< Saih Nihayada Pipeline Slugging Study

Desk to study using the OLGA software to predict surge analysis.

< Hasirah-Zauliyah- Pipeline Replacement

Desk top study using the OLGA software to predict surge

April Senior Project Engineer- WorleyParsons, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
2007- Feb

Senior Project Engineer assigned to provide support to the
Project Manager in the liaising of multi-discipline activities
between multiple WorleyParsons offices. The project was to
install new gas Pipelines, Offshore Platforms and Power supplies
on the Umm Shaif Super Complex. This was to create the new Umm
Shaif Gas Inject Facilities to cater for the predicted field gas

2006 - Project Manager - WorleyParsons, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
April 2007

Project Manager assigned to provide expert instrumentation
planning and implementation for the upgrade of existing DCS /
ESD systems. Reviewing P&ID's, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Loop
Diagram. Writing Control Narratives to ensure that the system
complied with legislation and that of the clients requirements.
This was for the whole refinery and encompassed as a minimum:

. Fuel Gas
. Flare System
. HydroCracker
. Hydrogen Purification
. Oxygen Enrichment

2005 - Project Manager - Sigma Group LLC. UAE

Project Manager responsible for the development of new business,
Sales Support and Marketing within the Sigma Group for Abu
Dhabi, Dubai, Jebel Ali and Qatar.

Subsequently appointed as Division Manager for Sigma Enterprises
L.L.C. Responsible for the growth of the company. Which involved
SWOT analysis, 3 year plans, strategic planning and market

2001 - Instrumentation Systems Manager - Drallim Controls Ltd. UK

Responsible for Drallim UK Operations, developing control
strategies for Drallim Control Systems. In the UK and Europe.
Drallim specialises in advanced control systems applied to the
Petrochemical Industry. Also advisory to Drallim Middle East
and Drallim USA on the implementation of Drallim units within
existing and new DCS / ESD instrument systems.

Provision of specialist advice and control system implementation
to Crude Oil Refining Companies such as Saudi Aramco, Shell,
PEMEX, BP etc requiring new or existing shutdown systems to
comply with current legislation. (i.e. IEC-61508) This involved
studying the proposed control philosophy, either by "Site
Survey" (On-shore & Offshore) methods or by reviewing P&ID's /
Loop Diagrams and advising on:

< What modifications were required.

< Coordinate the modification to limit the impact on process

< The cost of these modifications.

< The time to implement the modification

< The time to commission the finalized unit.

< "Red Lining" Loop Diagrams.

< "Red Lining" Cause & Effect Diagrams.

< "Red Lining" P&ID's

Ultimately writing, or amending existing, control narratives to
include the new equipment and their impact on process control.
Also over-viewing the installation of the equipment and
commissioning in preparation of hand-over.

Advisory to sub-contractors (F-W Glasgow) for the installation
of Drallim equipment on gas valves on the SHELL Penguin Platform
and Golden Eye Facility. Advisory to sub-contractors (AMEC) for
the installation of Drallim equipment on valves at Centrica Gas
Plant at Easington. Advisory to in-house Engineers for the
installation of Drallim equipment on valves at B.P. Central Area
Transmission System (CATS) Plant at Middlesbrough

2000 - Instrumentation Systems Manager - Drallim Controls Inc. USA

Responsible for Drallim USA & Mexico Operations, developing
Drallim Controls System applications for the Petrochemical
Industries including Crude Oil Refineries. Supervision of the
installation of Drallim equipment on valves PEMEX in Mexico
(Offshore) and BP (E&P) in Colombia (Onshore). Integration of
the Drallim into the ICS Triplex DCS.

1995 - Instrumentation Systems Manager - Drallim Controls Ltd KSA

Responsible for sales and technical support for entire Middle
East Region for Control Systems for emergency shutdown valves.
Advisory to in-house Engineers for the installation of Drallim
equipment on valves at various SAUDI ARAMCO, and SABIC
Facilities. Integration of the Drallim into various DCS systems
via RTU's and other methods.

1994 - Instrument Engineer - King-Wilkinson Ltd KSA

Responsible for checking the upgrading of drawings to "As Built"
status on two ARAMCO projects namely: - 1, East/West Gas
Pipelines from Shedgum to Yanbu Saudi Arabia.2, North / South
Gas & Oil Pipelines from Tanajib to Abqaiq.The drawings being
checked are, but not limited to : P & ID's, RTU Wiring
Diagrams, Points and Lines, Cable and conduit Schedules, Layout
Diagrams, Connection Diagrams, Loop Diagrams, Panel Board
Schedules, Elementary Diagrams, One Line Diagrams and Lighting

1991 - Instrument/Elect. Design Engineer/Consultant - Bennett Eng. Co. Ltd

Working at Blandford Land Forces Army Garrison as Establishment
Works Consultant advising the Property Manager on M & E
(Mechanical & Electrical). Inspecting both plant and training
areas to ensure that they complied with all mandatory standards.
Advised on safety modifications to petroleum storage areas.

Working at ESSO Fawley Refinery (England) within the Tankage
Rehabilitation Group, Engineering and Designing projects to
enhance the production and storage of hydrocarbon based fluids.
Over viewing the work carried out to ensure that it conformed to
the design and that of BS 5345 and ESSO Standards

1988 - Instrument/Elect. Engineer - Westbourne Design Services Ltd

Working as part of a commissioning team supervising the
construction and modifications to the BP Wytch Farm Development
Project. This involved contractor review, bid analysis, writing
of work orders, service orders, purchase requisitions, safety
supervision to project Codes of practice.

Responsible for writing Technical Data, Technical Routines,
Preventative Maintenance Routines for all Electrical and
Instrument equipment for inputting into the "TEROMAN" data base
system for the implementation of a computer base Maintenance /
Manning / Control System.

Responsible for the supervision of the construction and
commissioning of a L.C.A (Low Cost Ammonia) Plant for I.C.I at
Severnside, Bristol. containing 1800 instruments in a confined

The process was controlled by a computerized system, utilizing
telemetry. The plant equipment included, a gas fired boiler, a
turbine generator (Reyrolle-Parson), three large compressors
(Demag & Howden) an air package (Compair) two utility rooms, a
control room and three substations.

1984 - Instrument Engineer - King-Wilkinson UK Ltd

Checking of C.A.D generated Process Flow Diagrams with respect
to "As Built" conditions at BP's Sullom Voe Oil Terminal in the
Shetland Isles.

Supervising the installation of a gas pipeline and Gas Turbine
Pump Facility, this was to re-inject the gas. Also an Over head
Power line Distribution at the Fajr Job Site in the Nafoora Oil
Field Libya.

Superintending the construction of a "Pressure Reducing Station"
(PRS 1) on the ARAMCO East/West Crude Oil Expansion Project, in
Saudi Arabia. The PRS construction included the installation and
commissioning of three diesel generators and auto-
synchronization panel, scraper /receiver panel and control room.

Installation of a Bulk Plant Automation and Control System
(B.P.A.C.S.) at Jeddah Refinery in Saudi Arabia. The
construction included the installation of two VAX Main Frame
Computers, Enraf tank gauging equipment and loading bay

Working on assignments to the Arabian American Oil Company
(ARAMCO). Projects. typically: hydraulic shutdowns, instrument
calculations, specifications and calibration, material take
offs, man hour estimates, loop checks, flow diagrams, checking
of engineering design drawings, specifications of instruments
such as Gould, Dresser, Foxboro, Fisher etc, calculation of
gas and liquid relief valves, process valves, orifice plates,
and insertion type turbine meters. Worked on "Harris 5000"
RTU's, control room layouts and assisted in the writing of the
Scope of Work for various projects.

1983 - E & I Engineer - National Nuclear Corp. U.K

Attached to the C.A.D team working on input and cable checking,
including equipment allocation on projects involving nuclear
reactors. Also responsible for receiving vendor design packages
checking all vendor drawings, correcting as required and
returning to vendor.

1978 - Lead Instrument/Elec. Designer - Fluor Inc. UK/USA

Working on various logic and loop diagrams to "SHELL" standards
for SHELL's Petrol Development Oman Ltd.

Other work with Fluor covered four major projects namely:

Saudi Petrochem Project at Jubail. involving, lighting systems,
earthing systems, lighting calculations, conduit sizing,
cathodic protection, tray work, hazardous area drawings, bills
of materials, design of optimum cable routing systems. On this
project all work was to ARAMCO standards and was carried out in
the USA.

I.C.I, Vinyl Chloride Monomer Plant at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
Responsible for motor control circuits, including voltage dip
protection, and the interface with instrument control signals,
bulk material take off's, man hour estimates,attending of
client meetings, clearing construction queries on site, cable
routing and ensuring that both German (DIN) and I.C.I standards
were adhered to

As per above but for I.C.I Teeside

Rubber Plant for Karbochem Ltd South Africa. Responsible for
Security Systems and lighting, motor control circuits,
instrumentation and material take off's.

1966 - Instrument Design Engineer - Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.

Working on solid state alarm systems,instrumentation,
installing 1000 KVA transformers, local and operator control
panels and modification to existing loop diagram and control
systems. Solely responsible of designing and coordinating the
conversion of a control room from relay to solid state alarm
system and still maintain product of a Ethylene Dichloride

I.C.I Instrument/Electrical Engineering Apprentice

Fully trained in all aspects of Instrument & Electrical
engineering, HV and LV systems, repairs and maintenance of Exd
motors and pumps, refrigeration systems, Trained to work on
solid state controlled machines such as printers, coffee
machines, profile cutters and drilling machines. Two years
spent in the Instrument Workshop maintaining and calibrating
Electrical, Pneumatic and hydraulic Instruments including the
repair and servicing of valves for use in the Process Area of a
Chemical Plant.


Higher National Certificate + Endorsements - City & Guilds
(Electrical Engineering) Parts 1, 2 & 3, U.L.C.I

Offshore Survival Certificate issued by RIGIT Montrose



Specific Technical Expertise/Specialist Courses